First, before germination to fertilize before the buds

As we know, peonies are more beautiful and large when they bloom, and they consume more nutrients. In spring, peonies not only have to blossom, but also have branches and leaves, so in spring, the leaves and buds are ready to be fertilized when the flower buds sprout.

Before fertilizing, first water, to ensure a certain amount of moisture, so the peony will be better absorption, and play the due fertilizer effect. At this time, we can use decomposed organic fertilizer, such as decomposed chicken manure, decomposed cake fertilizer, etc. , and try to mix a little compound fertilizer, such fertilizer, all kinds of nutrients are more complete, can meet the needs of peony growth and the coming flowers.

Pay attention to fertilization point and peony should have a certain distance, avoid and root direct contact, as far as possible ring-shaped fertilization, is conducive to uniform absorption of roots everywhere.

In addition, when the bud appears, you can use some phosphate fertilizer, but also leaves sprayed with Monopotassium phosphate, which will make the peony flowers bloom more colorful, bloom longer, wait until the flower color, exposed, do not fertilize.

Two, after using flower fertilizer

People pay attention to the fertilizer before flowering, after flowering, they often put the peony flower aside and no longer manage it. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. After flowering, the management and fertilization of the peony flower are more important. After the peony blossom, will consume a lot of nutrients, so after the peony blossom, you can cut off residual flowers, use fertilizer, let peony rest, restore vitality, and, conducive to flower bud differentiation from June to August.

The time for applying fertilizer after flowering is about half a month after flowering. This time, it is May when the temperature is not very high. At this time, you can use some mature organic fertilizer, mix, some compound fertilizer, both to supplement energy, improve the quality of flower bud differentiation.

By June, the crucial period for flower bud differentiation has begun, but this is the hot season, so it is not appropriate to fertilize the roots, but you can spray some Monopotassium phosphate every half month to speed up the bud differentiation.

Three, good use of winter fertilizer

In the fall of September to October, the peony is about to enter the dormancy period, when we use overwintering fertilizer, so that the peony flower accumulation of nutrients and energy, for the overwintering and flowering next year ready.

This application of fertilizer, should be mainly decomposed manure, can raise the ground temperature, and can be mixed with some phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, improve the ability of cold peony flowers, for the next flowering storage, energy.

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