For tree peonies, China has a long history of cultivation. China is the birthplace of the world’s tree peonies. Through continuous development, many precious varieties have been cultivated, and they have a heavy position in the global peonies, in China, tree peonies represent wealth, harmony, peace and health. Each family yard or flowerpot will be planted with a peony tree.

China has a vast region, the special geographical location and climate of the Chinese tree peony and divided into northern tree peony and southern tree peony, the most representative of the northern tree peony is produced in Gansu Paeonia rockii, southern peony is the most representative of Henan, Shandong peony.

Located in the Northwest China, Gansu province is rich in natural resources and is the second most popular tourist destination in Asia, in this barren soil bred out of a tree peony people can not forget the variety of paeoniarockii(gansumudan).

In the 19th century, Joseph F. Rock, a famous botanist, discovered the tree in Gansu province and introduced it to Europe,To now constantly exported from Gansu around the world, the widespread spread of the value of paeoniarockii

so why the value of paeoniarockii (gansumudan) is higher than other treepeony varieties, I will explain from the following aspects

1. Paeonia rockii planting simple, can adapt to a variety of soil, stable flowering

2. Paeonia rockii is the only tree in the world can grow into tree peony, high degree of anti-aging lignification

3. The fragrance of paeoniarockii (gansu mudan )is stronger than that of other tree peonies. The fragrance of one flower is better than that of 100 flowers

4. Paeonia rockii has strong cold resistance and can overwinter naturally under the environment of -30 degrees without artificial protection

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