Four steps for planting tree peony with high survival rate

1. First, the soil is sterilized

“Sun Disinfection: spread the soil flat on the floor or on a wooden board and expose it to the sun for 2-3 days, turning over the soil; medicine disinfection: Commonly used medicaments are Formalin, potassium permanganate, iron(2+) sulfate (anhydrous) , thiophanate. Spread it out to 20 centimeters, then spray it on (match according to instructions)

2.Most shipments are made with bare roots (Moss for moisture retention) , so after we get the plants, we also need to sterilize the roots, prepare medicaments, such as potassium hypermanganate, Carbendazim or chlorothalonil, and dilute them in appropriate proportions (or natural sterilization in the Sun) then Soak the roots in the rooting powder for a few minutes before planting.

3.It is recommended to cut off all the branches when planting, that is to say, even stubble. The reason for cutting off the branches is not to burden the root system. The branches will consume most of the nutrients before they sprout new roots It is easy to cause the plant to grow weak, or even die. When the flowers come in the following year, only one will remain

4.When planting peony, put the rhizome in the pit, the top of the rhizome is 3-5 cm from the ground, gently lift the plant 2-3 cm when filling about half of the soil, and then fill the soil with solid soil and then water it thoroughly This root system is easy to send new roots, into the winter, in the planting area heap 10-20 cm soil, this can be better against the cold.

The diameter of the pit is 15 cm and the depth is 20-30 cm

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