in the northwest of China, such as Gansu, Qinghai, Shaanxi and Ningxia, there is a long history of northwest peony species, the wild original species of this species called Paeonia Rockii, also known as Gansu Peony. It is a large deciduous shrub of the genus Ranunculaceae, so named because it has a distinct red, purple, or black spot at the base of the petal. It is also known as Gansu Peony and northwest peony because its wild species are distributed in the south-central area of Gansu Province and the West Qin Mountains primeval forest at 1300 ~ 2800 meters above sea level at the junction of Gansu, Sichuan and Shaanxi.

paeonia rockii

In the broad natural environment of northwest China, the bold and unconstrained style of Gansu purple-spotted Peony is bred, which forms a temperament quite different from Central Plain and Jiangnan Peony.

One is big, tall and conspicuous plant. Paeonia ROCKII whole plant height can reach 3 meters, crown width also has 3 ~ 4 meters, it has “peony giant” said. Compared with other tree peony varieties, the purple-spotted tree peony is called “big brother” .

The second is pretty face, gorgeous fragrance of flowers. Peony flowers in the flowers, purple-spotted peony flowers and particularly outstanding, its petals texture thick, fine, fresh, large flowers, up to 25 cm in diameter, flower-rich, clear-cut, female, stamen changes a lot, so very rich ornamental value. In particular, the flower of peonies is particularly strong, peonies in Central Plain.

Third, the resistance is strong, drought-resistant, cold-resistant, barren resistance. Paeonia ROCKII is a shade-tolerant plant, which likes to grow in the sparse shrub on shady slope or in the weak light, bare rock and barren soil in the forest under cliff. Its root system can reach more than 10 meters underground, so it has a strong drought resistance, especially the ability to withstand air drying is very strong, in the case of severe drought, it can still grow and bloom; the Soil Adaptation Range is also larger, from slightly acidic to slightly alkaline, can grow normally. In addition, Paeonia Rockii is a cool and dry ecological plant, can be in-40 °C outdoor low-temperature environment, without artificial protection can be safe winter, very suitable for cold areas cultivation.

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