tree Peony is a small deciduous shrub of the genus Paeonia in the family Paeoniaceae. Its flowers are large in color and various in appearance. It is one of the ten most famous flowers in China and has a good reputation as“The beauty of the country and the fragrance of heaven” and“The king of Flowers”. The flowering period of peony is from April to May. Spring is a critical period for the growth of peony. In order to ensure the quality of flowering and post-flowering growth of tree peony, the following field management measures should be mastered.

1 pay attention to cold, scientific watering

In China, peony sprouts in early spring in early February and the climate is changeable in early spring. In order to avoid peony being hurt by cold current and late frost, we should pay attention to cold prevention work and water in early spring to lower ground temperature and delay sprouts. Water to choose the warm weather when watering, and in the peony is about to bloom when you want to stop watering.

2 appropriate shaping and pruning, wiping bud

sparse budIn early spring, flower bud germination, flower bud development, growth of sprouting shoots, to ensure the healthy growth of peony flowers, large, pure color, fragrance, do a good job, do fine pre-spring flower field management is very important. Plastic and pruning is the focus of field management in spring, the correct plastic and pruning methods are particularly important, including the following aspects.

2.1 peony pruning

On the basis of winter pruning, the missed overlapping branches, cross branches, thin and weak branches, inward growing branches, pest and disease branches were“Pruned”. To truncate and top off the branches whose terminal buds are leaf buds or abnormal buds to remove the sprouting tillers so as to concentrate the nutrients on flower buds.

2.2Paeonia suffruticosa sprouts refers to the removal of the root sprouts grow out of the adventitious buds, commonly known as the“Soil bud.”. Peony basic plant type fixed, there are still a considerable number of“Soil bud” germination every year, “Soil bud” to remove to ensure that the main branch of nutrition, will be colorful. However, not all“Sprouts” must be removed, according to the needs of plant type and old branches renewal, can be appropriate to retain and cultivate strong“Sprouts.”.

2.3Peony blossom has“Big and small year” phenomenon. When the peony bud, according to the tree and last year flowering situation, the appropriate bud thinning. It is better to work early rather than late. If there are many buds in that year, can be regarded as“Big year”, should be thin on the thin branches of the small and thin part of the buds to sparse, thinning about 1/3 of the total plant buds. For newly planted peonies, all the buds should be removed in the next spring to prevent them from blooming, so as to concentrate nutrition and promote development.

3 fertilize

Reasonable fertilization can make the peony flower color more gorgeous, the flower shape more plump, the petal is bigger, fully displays the peony’s elegant and the national color heavenly fragrance. Fertilization should be carried out before peony blossom, and it is suitable to show bud to Little Wind-bell period. The main fertilizer was quick-acting fertilizer, and phosphorus fertilizer was applied. N-p-k compound fertilizer or calcium superphosphate, which is mainly applied as nitrogen fertilizer, is generally applied. The ratio of N, P and K was 2∶2∶1 or 2∶1∶1. The method of fertilization and the amount of fertilizer should be based on the tree peony seedling size and production purposes. Among them, more than 5 years to ornamental-based adult plants, the plant spacing is larger, you can take hole application. In a place far from the root of the peony, shovel digging depth of 15 cm about the hole, each hole into fertilizer 20-30 g, after applying soil cover. For young seedlings, the amount of fertilizer should be controlled at about 10g per plant. The newly transplanted plant may be free of plantar fertilizer during the first spring because it was fertilized at the time of planting. For the plot of seedling breeding, because the spacing between plant and row is small, the fertilizer dosage of sprinkling or furrowing strip is 20-30kg/667m ~ 2 compound fertilizer. Do not over-fertilize, so as not to cause fertilizer damage, affect the growth of peony. After fertilization, watering in time can help the root to absorb nutrients better and transport to the bud part of the plant to ensure good growth. Fertilization operation should be careful, the bud is very easy to be knocked off, artificial or mechanical operation, try not to bruise buds and branches, reduce mechanical damage. In half a month after the end of the flower, to apply 1 times to the main compound fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer can also be applied by some appropriate mature fermentation of the ring fertilizer. If the plant does not grow well after flowering, it can also be fertilized with 0.2% Monopotassium phosphate solution on the foliage to make the plant flourish.

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