Spring is the season for tree peonies to blossom. In order to ensure that tree peoniescan grow and blossom healthily, we need to manage peonies in spring.

1. Clean up the surroundings: before spring comes, we need to clean up the weeds, fallen leaves and other sundries around the peonies. This will keep the soil ventilated and moist, and prevent the breeding of pests and diseases.

2. Loosen the soil and fertilize: at the beginning of spring, we can loosen the soil and fertilize the peonies. First use a hoe or rake to loosen the soil to increase soil aeration. Then, sprinkle the appropriate amount of organic fertilizer around the base of the tree, such as decomposed chicken manure or rotten leaf soil. This helps to provide an adequate supply of nutrients to promote plant growth.

3. Pruning: if dead or damagedtree peony branches are found in the winter, you can use scissors to cut them off. This helps keep the plant healthy and provides room for new branches to grow.

Water management of tree peonies in spring

Spring is the growth period of peony, the plant needs more water. Therefore, the correct water management is very important for the healthy growth of tree peonies.

1. Control the amount of water: in the spring dry and warm weather, the need to increase the amount of water. But also pay attention to avoid over-watering, so as not to cause root disease. Normally, water every 3-4 days.

2. Irrigation: when watering tree peonies, should avoid as far as possible drenching leaves and flowers. It is best to use sprayers or drip irrigation systems for irrigation to reduce the risk of disease transmission and flower decay.

3. Choice of water quality: tree peonies likes acidic soil, so when watering can choose acidic or neutral water. It is best to avoid hard water that contains too much salt or is highly alkaline.

Spring tree peonies pest control

Spring is the season for tree peonies pests and diseases. Here are some common pest control methods.

1. Disease prevention: tree peonies can be sprayed with ammonium oxalate or sulphur powder before spring to prevent and control some common fungal diseases, such as gray mold and rust.

2. Pest Control: Spring is also a time when some insect pests are active. It can be sprayed with organic or biological pesticides. Common pests of peony include aphids, red spiders and leaf mites.

3. Regular inspection: weekly regular inspection of the leaves, flowers and stems of the tree peony plant, timely detection and treatment of any abnormal situation. This helps to identify and control potential pest problems in advance.

Through these preparations, proper water management and effective pest control, we can ensure that peonies grow healthily in the spring and display beautiful flowers. I hope these management methods can be helpful to peony lovers.

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