The temperature gradually rose in spring, peony also began a year of growth recovery, peony spring care is directly related to the growth and flowering of the peony

Flowers, then, how should Paeonia suffruticosa be managed in the spring? Next for everyone to introduce the peony spring maintenance management points.

First, spring peonies need a little pruning

Peony flowers, to the spring, as the weather is warming, its bud has appeared, at first looked small, but can already be recognized, at this time we should pay attention to a little pruning, pruning mainly to complete the following tasks, first, we should trim the dense branches to improve the light, and second, we should cut off the dense flower buds. After all, peony flowers consume too much nutrients, if the flower buds are too much, it will lead to too much nutrient dispersion, peony flowers are relatively small, loss of aesthetic appeal.

In spring, the peony will sprout more soil buds from its roots. Some friends will say, isn’t this a good thing? Don’t you get more young peony plants? In fact, this understanding is wrong. Most peonies are obtained through root grafting of Paeonia lactiflora pall. The soil buds from the root system can not produce dainty peonies, and they compete for nutrients. These are very disadvantageous to peonies, so you have to get rid of it in time.

Second, the peony flowers to the spring should be timely fertilization and watering

The peony flower will bloom in the future, and the consumption of nutrients is relatively large. After a long winter, the peony flower has already consumed more nutrients, so it is very necessary to supplement nutrients in time, in other words, we should fertilize Paeonia suffruticosa in time. We should fertilize peony flowers. We should pay attention to the use of decomposed organic fertilizer, such as decomposed cake fertilizer, decomposed animal waste, etc. . These fertilizers have stable nutrients, can improve soil fertility, more importantly, can improve the quality of peony flowering, bloom in the future, let the flower color more charming.

Use decomposed organic fertilizer at the same time, we can use compound fertilizer, let the inside of the nitrogen element to promote growth, inside of the phosphorus and potassium elements to promote flowers, at this time absolutely can not partial fertilizer nitrogen fertilizer, partial application of nitrogen fertilizer will lead to excessive growth of nutrients in peony flowers, weaken the growth and growth, the flower bud can not get such elements as phosphorus and potassium breeding, will make the flower bud thin and weak, and even will disappear.

If we want to make better use of the fertilizer effect, we should also pay attention to reasonable watering. We should not water too often, otherwise the fleshy roots of peony flowers are easy to be soaked and rot, when watering should wait for the soil to become dry two or three centimeters again water is not late, water must be watered thoroughly.

Third, the peony to see more sunlight, pay attention to ventilation loose soil

If the peony flower wants to blossom in spring, it must pay attention to give it more moderate sunlight. The sunlight in spring is very mild, which is good for the peony flower to carry out photosynthesis, to make more nutrients, and is good for the plumpness and expansion of the bud, if potted peony, it should be placed in a well-lit place, in addition to pay attention to timely ventilation, so that peony growth can be more state.

The root system of peony is fleshy root, not water stain, like to breathe, so you can loosen the soil, loose soil, peony root system will be very good breathing and relaxation, absorb more nutrients, to promote plant growth.

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