When planting peony for the first time because of the characteristics of the peony do not understand, the first planting some people will fail

People who grow peony for the first time tend to plant it shallower

One is the growth of peony do not understand, two is to hire workers in order to fast, save energy. Planting too shallow will lead to bad root, root and stem joint hidden buds not buried in the soil, the winter wind easily blow dry the root and stem of this piece of water, seedlings easy to dry up or even die, the next spring is not easy to produce more branches.

The root of the soil with clean water can be seen at the root-stem junction hidden bud, some obvious, some not obvious.

People who grow peonies for the first time tend to water less

Especially in arid areas of the north, seedlings do not grow well in the coming year, and even when the sun is strong at noon, the stems and leaves Wilt and stand up again in the morning and evening, mostly because of too little or no fixed root water during planting. Still have north dry area winter monsoon is bigger, snowfall is little place, when winter land is frozen, must irrigate winter water.

Drought tolerance refers to the tolerance of tree peony to drought at least one year after it has been planted and grown, because the tree peony has produced enough fine root, and its fleshy root developed more robust, stored more nutrients and water. Fear of waterlogging refers to the accumulation of water can not exceed 3 days, the day of the big water, 24 hours of water can disappear is no problem.

The first time to plant peony, do not understand the importance of planting time and management

Southern soil moisture, high winter temperature, long rooting cycle, root growth. The planting time can be later than October. When planting, the new roots are more suitable for southern soil, and the measures of planting and root-cutting can avoid the occurrence of root rot to some extent.

Autumn temperature drops faster, planting time as early as possible, so that peony root growth time will be longer, root growth will increase, the next year will be vigorous seedling growth.

Don’t misunderstand the hardiness of peonies

To say that peony is tolerant to poor soil is to say that it can survive in poor soil and can grow and blossom. If you want the peony to blossom well, you still need enough nutrients to support it. It’s the same with flowers in cow dung. The more fertile the soil is, the better the peony will grow. So if you want to make the peony bloom well, you can improve the soil before planting to make it more fertile. Of course, the peony just planted the first year temporarily do not need to fertilize, to be peony seedling survival can fertilize, the best choice of fermentation of farm manure. Of course, the soil is poor, then the peony growth will pay attention to reproductive growth, will blossom.

Don’t misunderstand the drought tolerance of peony

After the peony plant survival, the peony own new root has already produced many, indeed more drought-resistant. But in the 1-2 years before planting, especially in the first year, the new roots of tree peony grow not much, mainly relying on the nutrition and water stored by their old roots to supply the growth of the upper leaves, when drought tolerance is poor, it needs constant watering. But also can not too much water, too much water is also easy to cause seedling death.

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