The peony is known as the national flower, represents the wealth, the family is happy, is in the Chinese mind the most perfect flower.

Peonies bloom brightly and their fragrance is so strong that people can’t wait to return. However, many flower friends don’t know how to manage the peonies after they have blossomed, so, the technical staff of Gansu Huaduo Agricultural Science and Technology Co. , Ltd. told us how to manage the peony blossom meeting

Do you want to trim the peonies after they blossom?

After the Peony Blossom, the first task is to cut off the residual flowers, when pruning and has been formed with the pod cut, so that the peony nutrients will not be lost, the nutrients concentrated in the root to promote better growth of branches.

A lot of hobbies want to keep the seeds mature after sowing, a lot of double peony knot seeds will not germinate, even if the germination will not open a beautiful flower, because the seeds out of the peony changed a lot.

Second, it needs pruning to grow new branches from the roots

In addition to pruning the residual flowers, we should also pay attention to cutting off the foot buds that sprout at the root in time, as well as some diseased branches and overdense branches, and remove the lower aged leaves in time for ventilation and ventilation, reduce nutrient consumption to prevent the breeding of pests and diseases.

Three, what else do you have to do besides trim?

Post-flowering pruning is only one aspect, we have to strengthen the management of this relatively mild season after the flowers. First of all, we can simply use some organic fertilizer, decomposed mixed with some compound fertilizer, which can restore vitality, and can promote the growth of peony.

Again with fertilizer, can be appropriate watering, peony flowers do not like too much water, its roots fat, too much easily rotten roots, maintain the soil dry on the line.

The newly transplanted trees need to be protected from the Sun to prevent evaporation from high temperatures in the summer.

In order to protect the leaves from diseases, Bordeaux mixture or 200-fold carbendazim suspension should be sprayed every 7-10 days after flowering for 2-3 times. This can make the leaves less damage throughout the year, so that photosynthesis can be normal, for the next flowering accumulation of more nutrients.

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