Paeonia rockii, as the second largest peonies in China, is well-loved abroad for its beautiful flowers, rich fragrance and tall plants

The cultivation of Paeonia rockii is mainly based on the following three points:

Illumination: Paeonia rockii are light-loving, long-day plants. But in the hot season in july-august to do a good job shading ventilation, otherwise it is easy to occur withered leaves phenomenon, attention in the blooming period of Paeonia rockii, too strong light will also shorten the flowering period, can be appropriate shelter measures.

Moisture: Paeonia rockii with drought resistance, the general annual watering 2-3 times. Fear of waterlogging, poor drainage or wet and rainy must pay attention to timely drainage.

Soil: Paeonia rockii on soil requirements are not high, salt and alkali resistance, wider adaptability to the soil, especially in the soil fertility is good, the growth environment of soil temperature appropriate conditions grow better, the flower out of the ornamental value is higher.

The cultivated soil is relatively loose due to the rapid infiltration of surface water. So for the new planting of Paeonia rockii, it is necessary to ensure adequate water supply, generally two years later, wait until the new roots of Paeonia rockii deeper after the need for more water.

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