Methods of prevention and control of tree peony flowers in summer

tree Peony is the national flower of our country, noble and elegant, known as the “National Color Tianxiang” , “rich and noble flowers” , “King of flowers” laudatory name, has been loved. Peony is very delicate, spring out of moving flowers, different colors, is really beautiful to the extreme! Early in the morning of May, a few crystal dew quietly lying on the leaves, Lazily Bask in the sun, was the wind, the dew from the leaves slipped down, scattered on the ground.

May is the beginning of summer, the weather is more hot, seems to be suffocation with a stream of heat, such as beads of sweat across the cheeks, soaked the neck. At this time, the peony blooms more beautiful, it is charming and beautiful, fragrant, but often this hot hot season peony is the most vulnerable to insects, the scorching temperature is the most frequent activity of the season pests, summer high temperature and high humidity, tree Peony Diseases and pests are serious, mainly leaf diseases and food pests. Summer if you want to see the color and fragrance of the peony should be well maintained, do not let pests invade your peony. The following is the peony pest control methods, for reference.

1, Spraying leaf protective agent:

about two weeks after flowering, leaf surface spraying 0.5% of lime equivalent amount of Bordeaux liquid, to prevent the invasion of bacteria leaves. The general effect can last about two weeks, continuous spray 2 times. The dosage is about 100 kg per mu.


In August, the fungicides such as tobrazine, Carbendazim, chlorothalonil and Triadimefon were sprayed 3 times, which was once every 10 days.

3, Insecticidal:

Can Combine to spray fungicide, in the liquid add insecticide such as pyrethroid insecticide, Omethoate, etc. , to control eating pests.

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