Paeonia rockii are giants in the peony world. They are tall, fragrant and resistant to cold. The main methods of propagation are grafting and fruiting. How does a seed grow from a seedling to a tree

Choose the full-bodied seed of paeonia rockii

1. Before sowing, Soak 300 times of thiophanate-methyl solution for 30 minutes to sterilize, remove and place in a cool place to dry

2. If the area of seedling is large or the condition is allowed, the sowing machine is usually used or the artificial sowing can be adopted. If it is a mechanical sowing, be sure to level the ground to avoid local sowing too deep.

The sowing quantity is 90-100kg/Mu, the sowing depth is 3-5cm, the row distance is 20-25cm, the concrete also has the relations with the local climate and the soil condition.

Every 4 rows is a ridge (bed) covered with a layer of 120 cm plastic film, film is too wide central seedlings easy to rot, not easy to survive.

3. After mulching plastic film covered with grass or a small amount of soil, to increase the temperature, extend the growth time of new roots, is conducive to the next year strong seedlings. Early Spring Peony shoots drill out before the ground, to remove timely plastic film.

The space between small Ridge (bed) and small Ridge (bed) is 40cm, which is convenient for later watering and pipe protection.

4. The seeds of Paeonia rockii germinate after three months and take root in the following spring

It takes at least six months for a seed to be planted and a young tree peony to form. It is this young tree that has been honed into a big tree through decades of continuous growth, to be a giant in the peony kingdom.

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