Start of autumn, one of the solar term, is an important solar term in the Chinese calendar.  is the first solar term of autumn, is a sign of the beginning of autumn. After the beginning of autumn, when the heat is gone and the fruits are fragrant, the scenery is especially enchanting. This is also the best planting time for Peony. So how to plan the planting of paeonia rockii Peony in autumn,

1. Choose the right place to grow

Personal farming

First of all, we must choose the place where our own yard is planted, the peony growing environment, because it likes warm, cool and dry places, but also like the sun, can fight the cold, fight the drought, so it is relatively simple, the flowers can be planted, and in the flower farmers planting time must choose more loose soil, the best drainage is better place to plant.

Large-scale cultivation

The newly reclaimed land is often turned up to about 60 cm deep and fully weathered, and 45,000-60,000 kg of organic fertilizer is applied per hectare. When preparing the ground, make a 1.5-meter-wide bed with turtle-shaped surface and open ditches to allow drainage. Saline-alkali land, clay land or land with high water table are not suitable for planting.

2. Fertilize properly

Peony is like fertilizer flowers, especially nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other elements more complete fertilizer, such as chicken, pigeon, rabbit, earthworms, pigs, dogs, cattle, sheep manure and other organic fertilizer. But it has to be rotted before it can be used. UNRIPE, fertilizer, fermentation breaks down an organic acid, which causes the roots to rot. In the city can use fresh water fish miscellaneous, chicken miscellaneous, broken bones, the first such as water retting system rot after application.

3. Learn farming techniques

The plant depth is 30 cm deeper than the root of the original plant. At the bottom of the pit, put some decomposed organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer into the soil and stir them thoroughly to ensure that the new roots can absorb the fertilizer in time.

When planting, root system should be evenly distributed in the pit, natural stretch, can not be curled together, fill with live soil will be buried root system first, and then, the seedlings gently shake up. First, the root system should be fully integrated with the soil. Second, the planting depth (the planting depth should be lower than the original root neck about 3 centimeters above the ground) should be determined. First step the first time, then fill the soil and then step the solid soil, when the plant is finished, should be timely watering a pervious, in order to discharge the air in the soil, to prevent the winter cold root injury.

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