Spring returns to the earth and all things come to life. Peony after a winter of dormancy and into the growth period. A lot of people like this “national beauty” of the peony. But how to manage and protect the peony in spring is very difficult. We should know that the management and maintenance of the peony in spring can directly affect the quality of flowering and growth after flowering, so we must take it seriously. There are four main points to note.

Watering spring should be early rather than late, flowering should be controlled watering

The temperature rises quickly in spring, but there is still a cold wave invasion, extremely unstable. It is necessary to water the peony early in spring to avoid the harm of late frost and cold in spring. Watering in early spring can effectively reduce the ground temperature and delay the germination of plants. If watering too late, not only can not play the role of anti-cold, anti-freeze, will affect II to flowering quality. Therefore, spring water should be early rather than late, in early spring is better, but to grasp the moderate watering, at this time watering should also see the principle of dry see wet, watering will be through, to soil surface without water for degrees. Peony flowering period should be controlled watering, such as watering too much will shorten the flowering period, so that the flowers wither prematurely. As the saying goes, “dried flowers and wet fruits” , this is the truth.

Prune in time and remove buds properly

It is very important to Prune Paeonia Suffruticosa at the base of the tree in spring. Practice has proved that if the peony is not pruned properly, the flowers will be small and light, and the growth will be affected. Peony pruning, there are three main aspects: one is to peony pedicure. All the new soil buds should be cut off, except for those used as new shoots or for correcting crown shape, so as to avoid consuming a lot of nutrients and affecting the quality of flowering and the differentiation of summer flower buds. The second is to remove too many buds. Should be in line with the weak to stay strong principle to dredge bud, only one strong bud can be kept in each branch (Fig. 2. In this way, nutrients can be concentrated so that the flowers are in place. Third, the remaining flowers that do not intend to remain in the plant should be cut off to prevent excessive nutrient consumption due to their fruiting.

Timely fertilization, flowering to shade

Spring to the peony fertilization, must be applied twice, that is, in early spring before the flower fertilizer and Zhongchun after the flower fertilizer. In the daily management, people often neglect the post-flowering fertilizer, in fact, this fertilization is very important, directly affect the growth and flower bud differentiation of peony. Although fertilizer was applied before flowering, after flowering, nutrient has been consumed a lot. If fertilizer is not applied after flowering, the growth of plant will be affected directly, the growth will decline, and the flower bud differentiation will be affected. Therefore, generally half a month after the flower, to topdressing a phosphate-based compound fertilizer, but also can be appropriate to apply some mature fermentative circle fertilizer. If the plant growth after flowering is not good, you can also use 0.2% Monopotassium phosphate solution for leaf topdressing, so that the plant can flourish. At the same time pay attention to the flower after the appropriate shade figure 4. Peony although like light but avoid exposure to the sun, flowering season in the shade of the best growth. At the beginning of May, the light is already very strong in most parts of China. At this time, the peony is in full bloom. If the peony is not properly shaded and exposed to the sun, the environment temperature is too high, it will not only shorten its flowering period, and also easy to make the blooming peony flowers lose luster, thus reducing the ornamental value. Therefore, the peony flowering period should take appropriate shading measures, as far as possible to make it receive before 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. after the light. This can make the flower big bright, flowering period is prolonged, still can effectively avoid the leaf is sunburnt by the sun, appear scorch edge and so on. If you do as above, the peony will be pleasing to the eye. Heze Duohe Peony, a professional planting base

Don’t relax in pest control

Although spring is not the peak season of peony diseases and pests, if the control work is relaxed, the plant will be attacked by diseases and pests during the growing period, even the whole plant will die. Therefore, it is advisable to spray the plant with a mixture of 3-5 baume’s degree of lime-sulphur once before leaf-opening in early spring, and 50% thiophanate-methyl 1000 times every 15 days after flower-setting, it can also be used alternately with 50% CARBENDAZIM WP 800 times liquid, which can effectively control fungus diseases such as black spot, stem rot and leaf blight. Spring Peony will be aphid harm, such as the occurrence of available Omethoate, Dichlorvos and other broad-spectrum insecticide to kill, so that will be a variety of diseases and pests in the cradle, receive twice the result with half the effort

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