1 General Requirements

Peony pruning, usually follow its natural growth, to the natural form of the main, a little artificial intervention, every year on the basis of the main branch form to retain the appropriate side branches, side branches to fine but not to multiply. The number of retained branches can not be too much, should be scattered nutrition, otherwise the flowering is not good. Thinning to do when the “three to the middle” , that is, when the three branches together to remove the middle branches. In addition, care should be taken to avoid branches overlapping, branches should be cut off the overlapping part of the overall shape of the next year to maintain symmetry and beauty.

In peonies pruning, we usually say “wash the feet” for peonies. In this case, “wash the feet” refers to the removal of the buds at the base of the tree, which is part of the removal of the buds, so as to avoid the branching of the buds, affects plant shape and ventilation conditions. When pruning, keep some useful foot buds in order to achieve the regeneration of the old branch. Peony foot washing is generally carried out in the spring, and sometimes in the winter.

2 Prune principle

Peony a pruning principle: “A foot long back eight inches” , which means that peony growth only the third or fourth axillary bud differentiation, and its upper part will gradually die. Therefore, in determining the actual annual growth of peony, the upper part of the bud is dry, is the retreat of “8” , the bud below the branch to the place where the actual growth.

If pruned in winter, and the spring temperature in this area is low and windy (such as Beijing) , you can keep the top down from the first top bud to the top of the first beginning of the lignification of 2 inches above, to retain a certain part of the lignification or Petiole to protect the bud.

3 Prune steps

In the pruning of Peony, “one view, two turn, three shear, four check” should be the basic step.

Steamed meat, the beginning of pruning, first should remove all the peony dead branches, diseased branches, weak branches and residual flowers and leaves. The Flower Bud and branch of Peony were treated by the method of “one foot long and eight inches back” . Secondly, the tree peony too dense to remove the branches. Branches are too dense to disperse nutrients, limited nutrients should be used for a small number of bud flowering, to ensure the quality of the next year branch flower bud differentiation. According to the principle of “Feng San Qu Zhong” , when the branches from a branch point are dense, every 3 branches should be “stay strong to remove weak” , and one or two of them should be removed to ensure the overall shape and quality of the branches. After that, the cross branches and too dense branchlets are all cut off, leaving the lateral side branches, “to keep straight curved” , to maintain the overall shape of peony. Finally, remove the sprouts from the base.

If pruning in the spring, should be planted in the second year after the spring, according to local climate characteristics, generally in late March, when the buds grow to about 5 cm. The premature shoots grow inconspicuously, making them difficult to leave behind, and are also susceptible to low temperatures. The buds on the late budding shoots have lignified and will consume nutrients during the growth and development of the leaves. So choose the right climate and timing for pruning.

First of all, the peony branches of the remaining Pedicel, dead shoots and branches and leaves cut off, remove the roots of the neck of the soil and debris. After that, 7 ~ 8 or 11 ~ 12 well-distributed and full-grown branches should be selected according to the size, variety, cultivation purpose and growth years of the clump, and the other branches should be cut off. After the peony to carry out the “foot wash” , the same method as the preceding.

In order to make the peony flower big color Yan, but also should carry on the sparse flower wipe bud. That is, in early spring germination, only retain each selected branches on 1 ~ 2 robust full bud, timely wipe off other buds and old branches of adventitious buds. For some varieties with strong growth vigor, good shoot power and flowering rate, it is necessary to leave 1 ~ 2 buds on each branch to make them grow and blossom, increase the amount of flowers and extend the flowering period appropriately.

The lateral bud of the branch should be selected when the bud is retained. 1 ~ 1.5 cm from the bud should be cut. Too Far Away is likely to form dry stumps and affect the appearance of the plant type; too close can affect the growth and flowering of the buds. In order to make the wound small, fast healing, the general choice of flat shear.

Peony Buds in the period should be rechecked, where no buds or flowers should be cut off as appropriate, to concentrate nutrients for the growth of flowering branches and flowering.

The pruning of tree peony is of great significance to the growth and development of tree peony. In addition to the points for attention reflected in the steps, it should be clear: do not leave too dense branches, dare to trim, keeping the branches which are more sparse and outgoing is more beneficial to the improvement of their nutrient distribution and ornamental value.

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