If you want to peony blossom well, proper management can not be less, especially fertilization is more important, the following simple talk about peony fertilization problem!

1.when should peonies be fertilized? How to fertilize?

We know that the peony flowers from April to May, and the peonies are already in full bloom at the beginning of April every year. In order to make the peonies bloom more beautifully, with bright colors and large buds, it is necessary to fertilize them in spring, spring fertilization can be in February or March, when the temperature is more than 10 degrees, simply use some decomposed organic fertilizer, animal bone powder and so on, of course, you can also use a mixture of some quick-acting phosphate fertilizer, these can play a role in forcing flowers, let peonies bloom beautifully.

After flowering, peony has consumed a lot of nutrients, it can be said that the vitality of the damage, AH, after the flower is generally cut off in time, and the use of compound fertilizer, to help peony flowers restore energy reserves, beautiful growth.

It is more important to apply fertilizer three times, this time after autumn, in order to bloom better in the coming year, and to improve the ability of peony flowers to keep out the cold. This time, it should be mainly decomposed manure, such as fermented pig manure, sheep manure, etc. , take care to properly mix up some phosphate, potash or compound fertilizers.

2. what problem should peony flower fertilize notice?

When applying fertilizer, peony flowers should be mainly decomposed organic fertilizer, mix chemical fertilizer properly, this can improve the soil, improve the flowering quality of peony flowers, but we need to note that the root system of peony flowers is a fat fleshy root, fertilization concentration can not be too large, a fertilization can not be too much, otherwise very easy to corrode fat fleshy root.

In addition, the quick-acting liquid fertilizer is generally not recommended to use, especially fecal water can not be used. In addition, the absorption capacity of the root system has declined in the hot summer and winter, and it is not recommended to apply fertilizer, such as oil or pills. These remedies should not be used indiscriminately. The clean and elegant peony is not a garbage collection station, it doesn’t just come and go.

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