1.Best planting time: The best planting time for peony is mid-september to late 10.

2.The best growing soil: Peony cultivation soil texture loose, fertile, neutral alkali.

3.Growth humidity requirements: Peony watering to both keep the soil moist, but not too wet, not water for the principle.

4.Optimal growth temperature: Peony cold-resistant, not resistant to high temperature. In Eastern and central China, the flower buds began to expand gradually when the temperature reached 4 °C. SUITABLE TEMPERATURE: 16 ~ 20 °C, less than 16 °C do not bloom. When the temperature is high in summer, the plant is semi-dormant.

5.The Best Growth Light: Peony like the Sun, but do not like the Sun. When the ground is planted, need to choose a higher position facing east, potted should be placed in the sunny east balcony, such as the south balcony or roof platform, the west should try to shade.

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