Since ancient times, peony is considered as a symbol of wealth, peony flowers large, beautiful color, colorful, very beautiful, pleasing to the eye.

Peony experts and scholars and related researchers have proposed flower type classification, namely Peony Flower type includes single-petal type, Lotus type, chrysanthemum type, rose type, melaleuca type, hanging type, gold ring type, crown type, hydrangea type, tower type these several kinds.

The petals of a single peony flower have more than ten, two to three rounds, broad shape. The results are stronger. This kind of flower type represents to include opium purple, Garnet Red, Feng Danbai to wait.

Lotus-type peony flowers have many petals, there are more than 20, there are four to five rounds, its orderly arrangement, broad shape, with individual stamens and pistil stigma petalization of the situation. The representatives of this type of flowers include lotus-like, Jinyunhong, Yubanbai and so on.

The flower shape of moutan peony decreases gradually from the outside to the inside, its arrangement is neat and clear, its petals have six rounds or more, but its bearing ability is poor.

The rose type peony flower is similar to the Chrysanthemum type in shape and petals, but its fruiting ability is not high.

The lower petal of Melaleuca type peony is more, the stamen is normal, the lower petal is less, the shape is flat and the stamen quantity is small. Its representatives include fat red, longevity red and so on.

Hanging peony flower part of the stamens into long and slender petals, petals arranged in an irregular, strong, such flower type on behalf of including ladies, Jiaohong, Xiane and so on.

There is a circle of normal stamens between the Middle Petal and the outer petal of the gold-ring type peony flower.

The name of the crownlike peony flower resembles a crown because of its dense and towering petals. IRREGULAR SHAPE, occasional petalization and degeneration, on behalf of a blue field jade, Hu Hong, Yao Huang and so on.

Hydrangea peony petals crowded uplift, showing a ball-shaped, no seed-bearing capacity, on behalf of varieties such as green, Green Incense Ball

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