Peony beautiful color, romantic chic, magnificent, known as the “King of flowers” reputation. The peony flower is big and fragrant, therefore also has “the national color day fragrance” the name. Here is the introduction of peony planting greenhouse flower.
The Flower Buds of Paeonia Suffruticosa are formed in autumn. If the suitable temperature and light are given, the buds can sprout and blossom again. In winter, man-made measures to raise temperature and increase light in greenhouses and plastic greenhouses can be used to make peony bloom during New Year’s Day and Spring Festival. The main management techniques are described below.

1.Planting time of peony
Greenhouse forcing flower, as long as the appropriate method, temperature, sunlight and water appropriate, generally about 45 days can blossom, so potted time can be in accordance with the requirements of flowering time.
Initial management of Tree Peony planting
In spring, the peony grows and blooms in the field from low temperature to high temperature. In the greenhouse, it should be controlled from low temperature to high temperature according to its growth habit. The pre-stage temperature is usually 10 °C to 14 °C in the daytime and 6 °C to 8 °C in the evening. After 7 days, the temperature can be controlled at 14 °C to 16 °C in the daytime and 10 °C to 12 °C in the evening. Keep this temperature, pot about 10 days, Bud can germinate; 15 days can bud. Because indoor relative humidity is big, sprinkle a little water 1 to 2 times a day can satisfy the moisture content that the plant needs.

2.Mid-term management of Tree Peony planting
The temperature of peony can be raised to 16 °C to 18 °C in the daytime and 12 °C to 14 °C in the evening. During this period, the flower bud is very sensitive to the sudden change of temperature, often due to the young bud resistance is poor, and abortion, so indoor temperature to maintain relative stability.
After about 28 days, the plant enters the “leaf-unfolding stage” . Temperatures can rise to 18 °C to 20 °C during the day and 14 °C to 16 °C at night. During this period in addition to light sprinkle 2 times a day, but also depending on the degree of dry and wet basin, every 2 to 3 days once a pervious watering. At the same time, can be appropriate spraying foliar fertilizer.
After 35 days or so, bud entered the “peace bud period” . The Flower Bud resistance ability enhances, to the temperature fluctuation gradually adapts, the daytime temperature maintains in 16 °C to 22 °C or so. In order to prevent stem rot, it can be combined with foliar fertilization, spraying 600 to 800 times liquid of Ralstonia Solanacearum or 50 times liquid of 10% methyl thiophanate wettable powder.

3.Late management of tree peony planting
Forty-two days later, bud entered the “bloom phase” , opening in two to three days. The plants can be moved out of the greenhouse according to the number of flowerpots needed and the time required for flowering. At the same time, the plants which are not in use for the time being are kept in a cold chamber at 2 °C to 4 °C, and are removed after 10 to 20 days, they can still blossom normally.

4.Light Regulation of peony planting
Peony is a long sunshine plant, flower buds in the long sunshine formation, in the long sunshine flowering. Therefore, when overcast days are more, the illumination is insufficient when should make up artificially the light source.

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