Gansu paeonia rockii nursery Established in 2017 belong to Gansu Huaduoduo Agricultural Science and Technology Co. , Ltd.

have selected nearly 100 varieties peony rockii through the seedling breeding and cross breeding . According to its color ,we can divide them into eight types such as white, yellow, pink, red, purple, blue, black, multi-color , the following we introduce some part of it.

One .the white flower system
Most of wild Rockii peony are white, single type,and they are still white,but less petal after hybridization. A variety of stains in petals’ base make wild rockii special. This type of peony plants have strong adaptability and high growth rate .
1、sigle type :Xue Lian
2、Semidouble type: Pan Deng
3、Double type: Yan Wei Bai

Two.Light yellow flower system
Rockii tree peony cultivars lacking in pure yellow. Pale yellow flowers generally refers to the original flower petals are yellowish, after blooming flower petals are white
1、sigle type: Hung He
2、Semidouble type: Yellow Chrysanthemum
3、Double type: Yu Ban Xiu Qiu

Three.Pink flower system
Paeonia rockii hybrids with Zhongyuan peony, most of their filial generation are pink varieties. Pink refers to the uniform light red or pale pink. This type are strong stress resistance, middle growth potential . 
1、sigle type: Yi Du Chun Qiu
2、Semidouble type: Chi Lai De Ai
3、Double type: Tao Hua Zhuang Yuan

Four.Red flower system
Nature flowers are bright red Color Mainly, other color are brown, orange, blue. grow commonly
1、sigle type: Hong Lian
2、Semidouble type:Long Yuan Hong
3、Double type: He Ping Hong Xiu Qiu

Five.Purple flower system
Purple is a color between red and black. This type of plant general growth potential is weak, the part of the varieties are not resistant to sunlight
1、sigle type: Zi Die Chu Yu
2、Semidouble type:Zi Hai Yin Bo

3、Double type: Xiang No Se Yan

Six .Blue flower system
The color of blue rockii peony approximate lilac’s color. This variety growth potential is strong, easy divided plant and breeding
1、sigle type: Lan He Qi Ming

2、Semidouble type:  Lan Hai Feng Yun

3、Double type: Lan Xiu Qiu

Seven.Black flower system
Black is refers to deep purple appear black halo, in the shade this condition are more obvious. performance more fully. This type of plant growth potential is weak, hard to breeding
1、sigle type: Ye Guang Bei

2、Double type: Mo Yun

Eight .multi- color flower system
Multi-color flower is refers to a flower has two or more colors, with different form combination. This kind of flower adaptability is strong, grow stronger
1、sigle type: Ri Yue Tong Hui
2、Double type: He Ping Er Qiao

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