Each year we prepare more than 20,000 tree peony roots for export around the world.It is our strict procedure that can pass the customs smoothly .

1.Classification of seedlings for export irrigation.


1). the same species, the same size of the seedlings together to prevent the seedlings in the process of washing varieties and

Mess Up. Only the same breed of seedlings together with the same specifications, even if the breed was washed away, but also to ensure the accuracy of the breed.

2) check the variety of seedlings brand is solid, for the weak to re-hang, to prevent washing process was washed off.

3)The time between the emergence of the seedlings from the ground and the soaking of the seedlings should not exceed 20 minutes, and should be carried out in a shaded field to prevent the seedlings from losing water.

2. Rinse


1) Wash one variety, one specification, and then another variety to prevent confusion.

2) the first flush of the seedlings for full immersion, to be soft after the soil bubble for flushing.

3)In the process of washing with a washing machine from the top of the plant to the roots to be completely washed clean, not a bit of soil and debris. At the same time, the flushing pressure can not be too large to prevent the peony root of the skin washed off.

4)Pay Particular attention to removing the black skin between the roots and branches. But to prevent the damage of the EPIDERMIS, damage to the XYLEM, affect the quality of seedlings. (the water pressure adjustment of the spray gun is a strong guarantee not to damage the roots. The water droplets should be dispersed, not columnar.)

5) The time between soaking and rinsing should not exceed 10 minutes.

3. Root pruning

1)Carefully Prune the washed seedlings

Dead, excess, and washed-out shoots should be removed, as should sprout buds. For the emergence of mechanical wounds, broken roots, bad roots to cut off, the wound must be flat.

2, in the trim at the same time to carefully observe the seedlings, check for pests and diseases, as soon as found to report to the company.

3)The time of pruning seedlings should not exceed 10 minutes, immediately covered after pruning to prevent seedlings from losing water.Such as air temperature Above 20 °C, spray the seedlings every 20 minutes.

4.Disinfection and cleaning

1) Mix chlorothalonil and thiophanate-methyl into 500 times solution, stir it thoroughly to make the solution even.

2) the peony seedlings into the disinfection solution for disinfection, to record the time, every 10 minutes to turn over. Soak enough

Take it out in 40 minutes. Record the withdrawal time. Every time after soaking to add drugs in the liquid medicine, the amount of addition for dispensing

1 / 10th, mix well. In order to continue the next disinfection, otherwise the concentration of liquid medicine is not enough.

3)The seedlings should be washed immediately after washing, the time between should not exceed 5 minutes.

4) after disinfection of the seedlings into clear water to wash fully, wash away the residual drugs.

5)Make a bundle of 5 plants for each of the plants that have been washed.

6) The time between washing and binding of the seedlings shall not exceed 10 minutes.

7) Store the washed seedlings in a sterile finished product warehouse and cover them immediately. So the seedlings are rinsed and disinfected

The process is complete. The next step is fumigation. 8. The time between the completion of washing and disinfection of the seedlings and the commencement of fumigation shall not exceed 2 days. The seedlings can be fumigated in batches for a long time.

5. Fumigation

1)Cover the fumigated area with a clean plastic film, 10 grams of 56% aluminum phosphide tablets per square meter (wrapped in Gauze) and 1 meter high peony seedlings (the peony seedlings should be moistened with water to prevent the seedlings from losing water during fumigation)

Then 56% aluminium phosphide tablets 10g per square metre (wrapped with gauze) and 1M peonies. And release the aluminum phosphide… until the peonies are done.

2) Cover the peony seedlings tightly with plastic film.

3)The fumigation time should be decided according to the air temperature, at 12 ~ 15 °C, Fumigate for 3 days, at 16 ~ 20 °C, fumigate for 2 days, above 20 °C, fumigate for 1 day. After fumigation and ventilation for 1 to 2 days, the gas can be completely eliminated, leaving a small amount of residue that is non-toxic, Aluminum hydroxide.

4)Be careful when using aluminum phosphide aluminum monophosphide. The key to safe use of aluminium phosphide is that people and animals must leave the site during the fumigation of peony. Only after ventilation is completed can you touch the seedlings.

5. After fumigating, the peony shoots can be packed in boxes

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