Peony cultivation of small skills is mainly to the peony watering fertilization, as well as peony soil must add bottom fertilizer. So that the peony can grow better and faster. The flowers bloom more vigorously. If your peonies are not blooming, you may not have completed the vernalization process.

1.Peony in bloom, can not accept the sun exposure, must be appropriate shade. If exposed to the sun for a long period of time, this will lead to greatly shorten the peony flowering period. And the blooming flowers will lose their luster. Will reduce the ornamental peony.

In the Spring Festival, although the temperature has risen, but there will be low temperature weather. Does this have anything to do with moving the peony. Peony blooms normally between April and May, depending on the temperature of maintenance. If the peony once encountered the low temperature, it will stop growing, or even die.

Peony itself is a fleshy root, more afraid of water. In the cultivation of peony flowers, if there is a situation of water. It is easy to make its root rot, this will affect the growth of peony flowers and flowering. When watering peony flowers, be sure to pay attention to the amount of water. Just keep the soil moist.

2.The optimum growing temperature for peony flowers is between 15 °C and 25 °C. If the temperature is above 30 degrees, the peony will affect the growth. The condition of making its leaves yellow or even dry. If the temperature is below 10 °C. The peony will stop growing. If the temperature is below 0 °c, the peony will die.

Peony is easy to suffer the harm of cold current in spring, potted peony should be transplanted into greenhouse. If the peony is watered too much, the root will be injured and the growth of the tree will become fragile. That’s what happens. Long Leaf Bud, not long flower bud. This will affect the flowering of the peony.

3.The first year of planting peony, peony flowering is a lot of nutrients, the need to add basic fertilizer in the pot soil. To make it nutritious enough to grow. This is very important for the flowering of peony. If you just let me do my job. In this way, the peony grows more vigorously.

4.Peony is the most important vernalization, if the peony has not undergone vernalization, is unable to blossom. In winter the peony is kept indoors at about 5 degrees. Where there’s plenty of light. Do not put the peony into the heating room or air conditioning room, so not only can not complete vernalization.

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