Chinese tree peony has extensive ecological adaptability, so it is easy to cultivate and easy to manage. But in order to make its cluster luxuriant, the flower is big and colourful, still must emphasize to notice the following points.

  1. Choose varieties, seedlings and land

Chinese peony is a temperate plant, like cool and aversion to heat, should be afraid of wet, like the sun slightly bear half shade, and has developed deep fleshy roots, so “flower” selection, for future cultivation and management of the difficult or success or failure are very important. Therefore, the choice of high dry terrain, spacious ventilation and side shade, as well as deep, loose, fertile, well-drained soil, is the best choice for cultivation of Chinese peony, and most avoid the selection of raw soil, clay, saline-alkali soil and waterlogging depression. In addition, tree peony has been planted in the important crop rotation should be 1-2 years after planting.

  1. Plant in time

Autumn is the best time to plant peonies. As the saying goes, “Vernal Equinox planted peony, to the old does not bloom, ” the argument.

Specific planting time to September mid-to late 10 is appropriate. In this period and early planting as well, early planting temperature is still high, can promote ramets early new roots, is conducive to survival, winter and growth in the following year.

Method of planting, usually in conjunction with ramets. No matter the hole is planted, furrow is planted or potted, should make plant empty sound broad deep and long. The bottom mixed with rotten base fertilizer, so that even distribution of roots, natural stretch, can not be curled together. Planting depth should make root neck and soil level or slightly lower appropriate, not too deep or too shallow. Sealing soil should be layer by layer fill, layer by layer down, and then pouring water, soil over the winter.

  1. Water and fertilize at the right time and in the right amount

Water to both maintain soil moisture, but not too wet, not water for the principle. Generally, the first-planted seedlings should be watered thoroughly, before the winter should be watered thoroughly, other flowers can depend on the discretion of watering.

Chinese peony is fond of fertilizer, timely and appropriate fertilization can not only promote flowering exuberant, flower big color, flower full, but also prevent or weaken some varieties flowering “big and small year” as well as flower type degeneration, double-petalled reduction and so on.

  1. Trim properly

In order to grow vigorously, it is necessary to get rid of superfluous shoots, dead branches and diseased branches in time, maintain the balance between the above-ground and below-ground parts of the plant, and keep the plant in an appropriate amount of branches and a beautiful shape, so that it can be well ventilated, well ventilated, and enriched with nutrients Flowers Bloom in unison. The main measures include the following:

Choose the stems

In the first year after planting, the tree peony can sprout many new buds outside its root neck (commonly known as Earthy Buds) . In the second spring, when the new buds grow to about 10 cm, several strong, full and evenly distributed ones can be selected to keep As the main branch (commonly known as fixed stock) , the remaining all removed. In order to enlarge and plump the plant cluster, 1-2 buds were selected as stem culture intermittently every year or every other year.

(2) make use of new shoots as appropriate

In order to make peony flower big and beautiful, often combine pruning for thinning bud, wipe bud work, so that each branch to retain a bud, the remaining bud removed, and the old branch issued by all the adventitious buds removed, in order to concentrate nutrients, flowering huge. The buds retained on each branch should be well-rounded and strong. Some varieties grow strongly, have strong branches and high flower rate, each branch often has 1-2 or even 3 buds can sprout into branches and normal flowering, for these varieties, each branch can be appropriately left more buds, in order to increase the amount of flowers and extend the flowering period properly, and some varieties with weak growth, weak shoot power and low rate of flower formation should insist on the pruning measure of one shoot and one bud.

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