Why Autumn is a better time to plant peonies
Peony large color, green leaves in the setting, it appears elegant, charming and pleasant, coupled with a pleasant fragrance, it has always been “national color Tianxiang” reputation, known as the king of flowers.

There are many varieties of peony, which can be divided into white, yellow, pink, red, purple, green, black and blue according to the color of the flowers There are 3 kinds of early flowering species, late flowering species and middle flowering species.
Peony is a deep-rooted deciduous shrubs flowers, like the sun, cold, love the cool environment and avoid high temperature muggy, suitable for loose, fertile, well-drained sandy soil growth.
Peony has certain drought resistance and not resistant to moisture, bogey planted in the low-lying water, if the soil moisture is too much, its fleshy roots easy to rot.
Autumn is the best time to plant tree peonies, because the weather is cool in autumn, when the aboveground part stops growing and the underground part of the root is very active, when the planted root system has a stronger ability to rejuvenate and reproduce, it is more favorable for the survival of the plant; in spring the plant grows more vigorously, the plant needs more water and nutrients. If the plant is planted at this time, the root system is injured and there are no new roots, it is easy to die because the plant is short of water.
For the peony, the strong ground is unmatched potted plants, so there are yard partners, must be planted in the yard on two.
Speaking of courtyard, a lot of friends will ask, peony in the North can winter? The answer is yes. If it is no lower than minus 20 degrees, it is safe to spend the winter outdoors. If it is less than minus 20 degrees, it is necessary to do proper cold protection.

The potted method of peony
The suitable time for potted peony is the same as that for field planting. It is usually suitable from late September to Mid-october. Early planting is easy to “autumn hair” , late root growth is slow, plant growth is not prosperous, and even flowers die easily in the following year.
Peony root must be longer, tree trees larger, suitable for planting, if you want to potted, should choose a large, good water permeability of the pot, pot depth requirements in more than 30 cm, it is best to use the depth of 60-70 cm tile jar. The steps are:

1.First dig out the seedlings to dry for 1 ~ 2 days, make the roots lose water and become soft, easy to Prune and plant;

2.Put The flowerpot in the sink to absorb enough water
3.when planting, in the basin bottom drainage hole pad a tile to prevent soil leakage, and then spread 2 ~ 5 cm thick small stones or waste brown rope, etc. , easy drainage;

4.The tree peony seedlings were pruned, dead branches, dead leaves and long roots were removed, and the roots were disinfected in 1% copper sulfate solution for 5 ~ 10 minutes
5, plant the seedlings in the middle of the pot, while filling with hand compaction, to 3 ~ 5 cm away from the top edge of the pot no longer fill;
6, immediately after the pot should be poured 1 times pervious, and then began to closely observe the situation of the pot soil, adjust the pot soil humidity;
7, potted, the basin can be matched with Taihu stone, quartz, stalagmite and peony plants, not only increase the beauty of potted peony, so that the basin is green, full of vitality, but also play a role in moisture, insulation.

Conservation and management of Peony

1.Watering peonies requires little water because they are drought resistant and don’t like to get wet. If you don’t know when to water them during maintenance, you can use your hand or shovel to check the dryness of the soil. If the soil is dry, you can water it. Water it slowly, so you don’t need to water it for 2 weeks or more.
If the temperature is high in mid-summer, you can increase the number of watering, but watering to reduce or easy to appear the situation of water, Autumn and winter is not the basic need to water.

2.Fertilize Peony is a kind of plant that likes fertilizer, so it can be fertilize properly during the growing period to promote the growth and flowering of branches and leaves, especially at the turn of Spring and summer, which is the flowering period of peony, so some organic fertilizer can be applied It makes the flowers grow bigger and bigger.
Peonies can be fertilized once or twice a year in the spring and fall seasons. You don’t need to use too much fertilizer to keep your peonies in full bloom. The longer you keep them, the better they look.

3.In pest control, when the temperature is hot and rainy, the peony is easy to be persecuted by leaf spot disease. It can be protected by spraying Bordeaux liquid once.
Peony root because the taste is sweet, easy to be harmed by ants, using 1000 times the liquid dichlorvos to control.

4.Trim off dense branches to improve ventilation. And after the peony flower is planted, need to grow at least 2 years or so, plant growth will be stable, so in the first year is not recommended to stay too much bud, it is best to remove all the bud, so that the root system can grow very well, after the root system is strong enough, until the natural growth will be stable, and then can increase the number of retained bud.

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