Peony flowers enjoy the “king of flowers” reputation, when the flowers are bright-coloured huge, rich fragrance, on behalf of prosperity and prosperity. Perhaps had peony flower person but, but had not heard the peony big name person, should be very few.

Autumn is a good time to plant peonies, many people like peonies, but do not know much about Paeonia Suffruticosa, such as when to plant peonies, when to bloom?

When does the Peony Bloom?

The peony flower is similar to the peony flower, but the peony is a kind of perennial woody flower. The normal flowering period is in April and May of each year. With the improvement of planting technology, there are also many catalytic peonies. The artificial regulated flowering period is in full bloom during the spring and Autumn Period To brighten up the holidays. However, the second year of catalytic peony more difficult to bloom, the relative cultivation will be much more difficult.

If you like peonies, I suggest you plant one in the fall, and it will bloom in April or May next year, and the management of peonies is very simple

Why in the fall?

There are many differences between peony and other potted flowers. The growing characteristics determine that peony flowers are suitable for transplanting only in autumn

The root system of peony flowers grows in autumn, and the germination is in spring, that is to say, the fall peony leaves into dormancy, but the underground root system is growing rapidly, so the autumn transplant peony, peony root system can quickly recover As the peony buds are in a dormant state, nutrition consumption is small, so will not affect the growth of peony buds.

But if you wait until spring to transplant peony, peony flower root growth is no longer, or very slow growth, and peony flower bud is in rapid growth, need to consume a lot of nutrients, this time it is easy to appear malnutrition Non-flowering phenomenon. There will be new peony flower leaves deformed, smaller, in fact, is due to poor root growth, malnutrition caused.

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