Master these 5 points, you will grow a beautiful big peony!

Peony Flowers, national color Tianxiang, the world is all amazed at its beauty, but the peony most suitable for planting. If you want to potting, you need a certain skill, so share the potting method of peony below.

1. Choose your time

Peony flowers most suitable for autumn cultivation, after the leaves of the fleshy roots have accumulated a certain amount of nutrients, cultivation of peony flowers at this time, the highest survival rate. Do not choose in the spring, because the spring branches have been budding, nutrition has been consumed, even if survive, it is difficult to bloom. We may have heard of peony in spring, but not in bloom in old age.

2.Pick A pot

Peony root system fat plants tall, growth needs more space, consumption of more nutrients, so in order to raise peony, we must use a larger pot, can accommodate more soil, so as to meet the needs of growth. In addition, peony root system to breathe, so want to choose breathable good big Sushao flowerpot, big wooden box is also a good choice.

3.Choose the soil

Peony, like fertile loose breathable sandy soil, soil if can be the best weak alkaline, the south to raise peony, must improve the south of the acid soil. Only in this way, can meet the needs of peony growth, health into three. Properly fertilize and water

Peony before planting, it is best to use some bottom fertilizer, such as rotten cake fertilizer, rotten animal manure, are peony favorite, but the bottom fertilizer do not pay attention to direct contact with the root system. Ordinary top-dressing, can be used in the spring germination period of light fertilizer, summer dormancy general do not apply fertilizer, before the winter can be conducive to fertilization in winter.

Potted Peony watering do not too much, do not accumulate water, otherwise it will make the soil sticky heavy, so fat meat root rot, usually can keep the soil slightly moist, winter even less watering can maintain the soil slightly dry.

4. Overwintering

Peony winter can bear low temperature, indoor potted attention can not be placed in the heating room, if you break hibernation, will affect the flowering.

5. Other points to note

Hot Summer, general to shade, ventilation and ventilation attention to maintain a cool environment.

The first year, flowering general do not stay, sparse to keep nutrition, so that healthy growth of peony, the next year will open more beautiful flowers.

In addition, attention should be paid to the control of Cercospora leaf spot in spring and the red spider of scale insect in summer and autumn. Peony although beautiful, but as long as to meet its growth needs, or very easy to raise!

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