Peony seed is difficult to grow but it can be successful with certain techniques . Through our experience I will show you how to use peony seeds to grow seedlings

1. When peony seeds begin to ripen in August, immediately remove them from the sand to avoid drying out, and then store them in a cool place. The seeds can be treated with 1% GIBBERELLIN for 48 hours, or the hypocotyl dormancy can be relieved at about 5 °C, and the seedlings can germinate in the following spring.

2, peony sex likes warm and cool, dry and sunny environment, like light at the same time also bear half shade, cold, weak Alkali resistance. But avoid stagnant water, afraid of high temperature, especially in summer to avoid direct sun. The suitable growing temperature of tree peony is 17-20 °C, and it will enter into dormancy when the temperature exceeds 25 °C.

3. Peony is suitable for growing in loose, fertile, sunny, dry, well-drained neutral sandy loam soil, generally planted in late September to early October. Peony sowing to 3-4 cm as the best, after sowing its covered with soil, and the ground level, and then gently level off the soil, a one-time watering. Winter to pay attention to heat, moisture, to cover in its grass, leaves, horse manure and other things, or covered with plastic film.

4, when potted, can spread a layer of 3-5 centimeters thick thick coarse sand or small stone at the bottom of flowerpot first, this can help drainage. The Pot soil is mixed with yellow sand soil and cake fertilizer, or the cultivated soil is mixed with rotten stable manure, garden soil and coarse sand in the ratio of 1:1:1. After the soil has been filled in, it should be compacted by hand.

5, Peony can not have seeper, bogey planted in low-lying seeper place, after the rain to clear the basin in a timely manner. Peony although drought-resistant, but also should keep the soil moist appropriate, watering depends on seasonal conditions.

6, Peony planting, the next spring began to sprout, seedlings exposed to the surface, will produce leaflets, some may only one, but some can produce 2-3 leaves. When the peony into the growth period, to pay attention to the removal of weeds, whether there are diseases and insect pests. But if you plant a seed, it usually takes five to six years to bloom.

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