Many people who are just beginning to plant peony will encounter such a problem: Autumn Planting Peony Flowers, spring opened a lot of flowers, but the next spring is not in bloom!

Why is that? Today I’m going to analyze why.

Want to know why peony does not blossom, so we come to understand first, peony in what circumstances can blossom.

The condition of peony flowering

1, rich water want peony flowering, the first condition is rich in rich water, peony growth robust, natural can reach the conditions of flowering. Natural Plants Flower and bear fruit in order to reproduce, so the plant itself must be strong and mature enough to do so.

2, after the low temperature vernalization peony flowering is required after 2-3 months of time below 10 degrees vernalization. Without the process of low temperature vernalization, buds can not be conceived and flowers can not bloom naturally.

Ok, we know the necessary conditions for peony to blossom. Then let’s take a look at why our peony can blossom in the first year and not in the second year.

The reason why peonies don’t bloom in the second year

The reason that peony does not blossom the second year is we manage not to arrive in place after all, did not do the rejuvenation work of peony well.

1. Lack of fat and water

Our flower friends are often to see the heart cut, even the first year on the potted peony, will let it bloom, and flowering is a lot of nutrients to consume, if the flowering, and then let its seed, it is undoubtedly the consumption of peony is huge

Summer is the flower bud differentiation period of tree peony, nutrition for the next flowering tree peony has a crucial impact, if not timely fertilization will naturally affect the next flowering.

2. Improper watering

Only topdressing is not enough, water management is also very important!

Have you followed the dry and sodden rule? If the peony is watered too much, the root system will be damaged and the growth of the plant will be weakened. If the plant is not strong enough, it will only grow leaf buds and not flower buds.

3. Pest infestation

Does your peony have early drop leaf, or leaves appear black spot, parched situation?

Diseases and insect pests also weaken tree peony plants and prevent them from forming flower buds.

4. No vernalization

Winter temperature reached the condition of vernalization peony, but will peony potted in the warm indoor winter, it is your fault. Personal suggestion, winter will peony in 0 degrees or so, adequate light environment can, do not put heating room and air conditioning room, complete vernalization is certainly not blooming

To sum up, if you want peony flowers to bloom year after year, management must be in place, fertilizing and pruning in a timely manner. When you buy seedlings, you should try to select healthy seedlings and give up the idea of buying small seedlings. The management itself is not very good Then the purchase of poor resistance to small seedlings, that raise to bloom really do not know when to.

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