At present, most exquisite ornamental peonies are bred by grafting. Generally speaking, ornamental peony grafting seasonal strong, the best choice in late August to mid-october grafting. Of course, in some places, the grafting time, according to the local climatic conditions to decide!

The most important thing in the grafting process is to master the grafting technology, but also to find the appropriate rooting conditions such as temperature, humidity, soil and so on.

Through many experiments, the suitable conditions of root and shoot grafting were found, and the grafting efficiency and rooting survival rate were improved greatly. Since then, began to breed a large number of good varieties, targeted breeding double-valve varieties, the initial change of Gansu Peony single-valve varieties more than the situation, fundamentally solve the problem of variety imbalance, to achieve large-scale propagation of ornamental peony. And has been “commercial production and grafting of Paeonia rockii rapid propagation method” national invention patent.

Gansu paeonia rockii workers in grafting, first of all, carefully select the need to graft peony varieties. When picking Scion, the general selection of robust growth, close to the ground of the annual new branch (commonly known as Soil Bud) , according to specifications for cutting.

Gansu Paeonia rockii reminds everyone, scion should be cut with the use, can not be placed too long, such as cut can not be used up, to do a good job of preservation.

Secondly, it is necessary to select rootstocks (both peony roots and peony roots are suitable for rootstocks) . When selecting rootstocks, the staff of Gansu Peony strictly selects high-quality rootstocks according to the standards. This is conducive to rooting and sprouting after planting At the same time, it also promotes the healthy development of peony industry.

Next, a graft will be made. The grafting method of peony is very important to its growth adaptability. At present, there are many grafting methods of peony. How to choose the grafting method depends on the variety adaptability.

In grafting, the general use of the paste method, this method of grafting is conducive to the late rooting and germination of peony, greatly improving the survival rate of ornamental peony!

At present, ornamental peonies can be planted in urban parks, street greenbelts, government offices, schools, courtyards, temples, classical gardens and other places. It with its gorgeous colors, rich decorative effect of the garden as an important ornamental landscape, so that you can not go out to see peony trace.

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