Peony is a deep-rooted deciduous shrubs flowers, like the sun, cold, love cool environment and hate high temperature and Muggy, suitable for loose, fertile, well-drained Sandy soil growth. It has a certain ability to resist drought but not wet, avoid planting in the low-lying water, if the soil moisture is too much, its fleshy roots will be easy to rot. Below, Gansu Peonies we detailed the specific planting methods of peony which.

Propagation of peony flowers

The propagation of peony flowers with sowing, ramets, grafting are all possible. But the method of sowing takes too long, and from the time of sowing, flowers can not be seen until 4-5 years later, which requires patience; the grafting method is highly technical, and is only suitable for experienced or professional gardeners, while novices have difficulty in receiving live flowers If the measures are not appropriate, it is difficult to grow smoothly after receiving a live, so generally the use of ramets more.

Soil requirements for planting methods of peony flowers

Peony planting time is best in the early or mid-october of the lunar calendar, to choose high terrain, deep soil, loose soil, fertile, good drainage area. It is best to have more than 1 m thick of cultivated soil, loose sandy soil layer (should not be too thin in loose soil layer, the following is a knot of hard soil or clay cultivation) . After the selection of good soil, rake fine, and then filled with pig manure, bone meal, oil cake, plant ash fertilizer as a base fertilizer. Then a drainage ditch 30-40 cm deep must be dug around the plot.

Because the peony root must be longer, tree trees larger, so suitable for planting, if you need potted, should choose large, good water permeability of the pot, pot depth requirements in 30 cm above. The best is to use a 60-70 cm depth of the tile cylinder.

Methods of planting tree peony-ramets method

Ramets should be selected from plants that are relatively robust and have not been over-distributed for 4-5 years. First dig up the whole plant, remove the root soil, leave it dry in the shade for a day, then peel it open by hand, divide it with knife (keep part of the root system and the tiller buds near the root) , divide it into 3 tillers (don’t divide more, each should have 3-5 tillers buds) , divide the thick root cut off, and then in the wound coated 1% copper sulfate disinfection, or cool 1-2 days after planting, lest infection virus.

Peony cultivation of the depth of about 20-30 cm, not too deep, remember not to exceed the depth of the original root, too deep too shallow will not flourish. When planting, pay attention to make its roots natural stretch, evenly distributed in the planting hole. After planting a little press, so that the roots and soil tightly connected, and then a water permeability, and then within a month can not water, more can not fertilize. If the weather is cold, it is best to cover the roots with a dry layer of horse manure to keep them warm.

The planting method of peonies is watering

This 1-2 months later, if the weather is dry without rain, can be appropriate to the peony watering, but to master a principle: Peony fear water, rather dry, not waterlogging. A little dry won’t hurt, but if it gets too wet, it’ll rot and kill you. You just need to keep the soil from drying out. In case of continuous rain weather, to timely dredge drains, must not let peony root water.

Fertilization of planting method of peony flower

Peony like fertilizer, to master four important fertilization, the first time for the first germination period, when the most in need of nutrients, can be applied quick-acting fertilizer, so that the roots of the plant can obtain adequate nutrition. The second time is 1 month before flowering, also should apply the quick-acting fertilizer, has the promoter action to that year peony flowering.

The third time is after-flowering fertilizer, that is, within half a month after flowering, the amount of application can be larger. This fertilizer will determine how well the flowers bloom the next year. The fourth time is the winter fertilizer, that is, before the winter irrigation, can be applied after the accumulation of organic fertilizer. This fertilizer can change the soil structure, increase the ground temperature, have the protection function to the plant overwinter.

Planting method of peony flower: Weeding and loosening soil

After the spring, peony plants around the ground need to be weeded loose soil, shallow hoe can, do not need to Hoe deep, so as not to hurt the flower roots. After each rain, the day should be clear again to loosen the soil, so as not to grow grass near the roots.

Cooling measures of planting methods of peony flowers

Peony flowers are not resistant to high temperature, hot summer days need to take cooling measures, at this time it is best to build a pergola, for its shade. Cover with a Straw curtain or reeds before noon and remove in the evening. This measure done in time, can prevent defoliation, if left to its heat, defoliation, will affect the effect of flowering later.

Planting method of peony flower

What do you mean by holding the bud? From the second year of Ramets, in early spring and February, we need to check the base buds near the soil. We can only keep 5-6 strong and well-distributed buds, but we can peel off the rest of the foot buds. This is called “ding-gu-na-ya” , because there are too many left Will have an impact on next year’s bloom.

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