In the Tang Dynasty, Liu Yuxi wrote, “庭前芍药妖无格,池上芙蕖净少情。唯有牡丹真国色,花开时节动京城.

The poem mentions two contrasting plants, the peony and the herbaceouse peony. Although the poem personifies the two types of plants, making a very vivid distinction, but small series believe that the vast majority of people read the poem is still tree peony,Herbaceous peony silly distinction.
The TreePeony and Herbaceous Peony are very similar in appearance, because both belong to the genus paeoniaceae. In this way, the relationship between the two is very close. It is no wonder that the president is so similar Of course, it’s easier to tell the difference.
In fact, the most obvious difference is the leaves, Herbaceous peony leaves long narrow thick green, The tree peony leaves stretch, a rich shape, color is also some tender. If there are no leaves, pinch a branch. Herbaceous Peony Flower soft, The tree peony flower branches hard and strong, there is a sense of wood.

The other flowering period is different. The tree peony usually blooms from April to May. By the middle of May, the tree peony flowers are almost in full bloom. And this time Herbaceous peony flower just began to open, the two just staggered a month on the flowering time, peony flower open time in general in May to June each year. So a lot of park in the planting of peony will plant some peony as a match, this can play a long flowering time to watch the effect.

we can distinguish from the two flowers, the tree peony flower flower diameter is generally larger than the herbaceous peony flower diameter, and tree peony flower a branch above only one flower, looks like a stand alone feeling. And theherbaceous peony flower is often a flower branch above there will be a few flowers. Second, the petals of tree peony flowers are more orderly, mostly double, and herbaceous peony flowers are more diverse, double and single petals have, double petals of peony flowers are very compact.

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