Pruning time, you know?

Peony pruning work should focus on the autumn peony after the leaves, as long as the spring for a bud, except soil bud can achieve strong plants, flowers big colorful purposes.

There are three main reasons:

1.Peony has the habit of dieback branches, as the saying goes: “Peony a foot long shrink eight inches” that is to say, because the upper part of the original branches of the axils of the non-budding part of the branch can not be lignified, poor cold resistance, the winter will die of its own Only the remaining half of the tree peony branches overwintered, this part is the actual growth of the year. In late October, the growth of the branches has been determined and needs to be pruned in a targeted way.

2.Flower Bud differentiation of Peony begins in mid-june and ends in late September and mid-october, when pruning can select the number of flower buds and branches for viewing.

3. According to the needs of plant shape, the soil bud branch of the current year can be selected properly, so as to avoid the waste of its nutrients after sprouting in spring, and pruning should be carried out according to the use and age of tree peony. tree peony to uniform branches, production tree peony to remove branches, new planted tree peony to flat head, 2 ~ 5-year-old tree peony to set branches, 5 ~ 10-year-old tree peony to strong branches, old tree peony to cherish branches.

How To Prune Peonies?

 peony requires strong plants, flowers big color , so to remove too many buds, if a branch with a number of buds, certainly can not flower big color . At the same time to control the number of branches, will be used for the replacement of individual branches or crown-shaped soil shoots retained, the rest of the soil shoots must be cut off roots. Peony production of soil shoots can be retained, only too dense branches, collateral branches, cross branches, inward branches and pest branches cut off, but the spring must be knocked off bud. Peony spring long branches, autumn hair root, flowering will consume a lot of nutrients, play bud will promote peony more branches, long strong branches, faster growth into commercial seedlings.

How to Prune the newly transplanted peonies?

The newly planted peony should be well watered, and the ground should be planed first, that is, the stubble should be planed at the root. Combined with hoeing soil moisture heap, flat stubble to be even root department will grow stronger. Some growers often report that the peony grows weaker and weaker after even stubble, and some even die. In fact, they are worried about cutting off the peony after even stubble. In fact, peony has adventitious buds, that is, attached to the roots and stems after emergence for sprout, commonly known as “Soil Bud” , the germination of adventitious buds is very strong, flat head later in the spring to grow exuberant but will not bloom, Autumn Development and differentiation to form a flower bud, the next year to bloom.

1. 2 ~ 5-year-old Tree Peony wants to set branch, from the second year after planting, should decide branch according to the growth situation, when the new bud grows to 10 cm in spring, choose 4 ~ 5 grow strong and well-distributed to keep down, as main branch (commonly known as set branch) , cut out the rest. After every autumn, depending on the shape of plant, the growth of selected soil shoots as a stem culture, so that the plant growing year by year, plump.

2. 5 ~ 10-year-old tree peony to strong branches, planted more than 5 years of tree peony strong growth, mainly through pruning control the number of branches, so that the plant strong, round. In autumn, according to the plant shape, select the remaining soil bud branch, stay strong to remove weak branch, cut off weak branch, diseased branch, dead branch, and clear the garden in time, reduce the occurrence of diseases and pests.

3. the old peony to cherish the branch. As long as the tree peony is properly pruned and managed, it will still grow well after years of planting. Pay attention to protect the branches, to avoid accidental injury, pruning the old branches on the bud to cut off, otherwise it will cause the upper branches of the old recession, the root of the soil bud in addition to regeneration and rejuvenation is generally not retained

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