Since ancient times in our country, the description of peonies has always been a symbol of wealth, so even now, the demand for peonies is very high, both at home and in the market, especially when catching up with some festivals Are Looking for a very good metaphor, so what is the difference between planting a peony and planting other flowers? Peony growing environment, because it likes warm, cool and dry places, but also like the sun, can fight the cold, fight drought, so relatively simple, can be planted flowers And in the florist planting time must choose more loose soil, had better be the drainage good place to carry on the planting.

Now it is widely distributed in our country, and according to some special selection and personnel to investigate the majority of our country’s peony varieties are wild or semi-wild, there are some types of specialized horticultural cultivation. And when the florist is planting, most of it is used for gardening, that is, to provide supplies for the market and there are many ways to reproduce it

1. This was done in the Ming Dynasty by taking out the full-grown peony flower and cutting it from the root. How many times do we have to cut it? How big is it? Depending on the size of each plant, usually three to four branches can be divided into one, and there must be a very complete system, followed by some sulphur powder and some earth The above wounds can be applied evenly for planting, and the-minute time is best in the fall of the year when the frost comes, when the temperature and surface temperature are relatively high and it is in a dormant state So there is still a long period of time to need vegetative growth, and the ramets on its growth is not too much impact. If it’s too late, its roots will grow too weak, or it won’t be able to produce new roots, and it will grow weaker the next year, so it’s more likely to die.

2. Grafting, which is used because of Kaneki’s different and divided into two kinds, one is the wild peony, one is the root of peony, and the more commonly used grafting method is the embedding method, the embedding method is the root of peony as rootstock Because the root of Paeonia lactiflora pall is originally very soft, so it is also very easy to be grafted, and the nutrition is also very sufficient. After grafting, the initial growth will be very vigorous. If the root of peony is grafted, it is woody and hard Grafting time is more difficult, but life will be very long, so the flower farmers choose which to use according to the conditions in their region to choose.

3. Ventral grafting, which is an improved method of grafting a number of branches using a bad variety, is used to select the best one between the first half of July and the middle of August First select some plants that have not been attacked by pests, subtract some of the above branches or short branches to be grafted. After that, in addition to not being irrigated, keeping it growing at the right temperature and humidity is a way of cultivating multiple varieties, as well as multiple colors on a single plant.

4. Cuttage propagation is a new method of using its branches to produce adventitious roots. It is also a method of asexual propagation, which is to cut the branches off the plant and then put them into the soil Will allow it to take root and create new pillars, either by selecting the shoots from the current year, or by selecting a few, seemingly nutritious strips of paper between 10 cm and 18 cm in length before pruning. And use this way according to it likes to be dry, and the characteristics of the fight against drought, to choose some ventilation place, but must maintain integrity, water also want a one-time thoroughly.

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