1.Time and choice of land consolidation

Need to be sorted out in August, the soil can be neutral slightly acid and alkali

2. Good drainage measures

Tree peony planting areas try to choose near the river, drainage ditch, higher terrain. According to the terrain block”Field” character cutting, digging around drainage system to prevent water.

3. Good choice of land after the need to turn deep to 40-50 cm, such a strong permeability, suitable for the growth of peony

4.Use Fertilizer and medicine before deep ploughing

Before the land is plowed deeply, you can sprinkle some organic bacteria fertilizer and chemical fertilizer on the soil (acid and alkali) , you can also use organic fertilizer, you can choose animal dung such as sheep dung, cow dung, you can also use some soybean meal and so on, but must be fermented before you can use, before the use of drugs to do the treatment, the drug is mainly used for sterilization, killing the adult eggs of underground pests. The drugs used include Carbendazim, phoxim, and fosthiazate, which are stirred evenly and then spread evenly over the fields.

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