The tree peony is chinatraditional famous flower. It is elegant, natural beauty, known as the”Flowers, the King” is the Chinese mind of the”National flower. Peony is a small deciduous shrub, like cool heat, like dry evil wet, like light, a little shade. The flowering period of peony in Central Plain is usually in the middle or late of April, but it is delayed in cool areas and some until June. After flowering, the growth and development of peony has entered another very important stage. Peony flower bud differentiation, from the middle of late May to the middle of June, from the south to the north, began one after another, generally continued to 10-11 months, the specific time varies according to different varieties in different regions.

Summer is the key period of nutrition accumulation and flower bud differentiation for the growth and development of tree peony. Therefore, to strengthen the scientific management of peony in summer is conducive to the healthy growth and good development of peony, so that peony flowers the following year large, colorful and fragrant. The peony summer management must achieve”Two protection two promotion”, namely protects the leaf, the mulch, promotes the growth, promotes the flower bud differentiation.

In summer, thetree peony leaves into the rapid growth period, the leaf color deepened, become green or dark green, the leaves rapidly increased, thick. At the same time, the bud entered the stage of growth and differentiation, the bud formed in late May, and the primordium formed in July or August. Whether the summer maintenance work is done adequately will directly affect the flowering situation in the coming year. According to the characteristics of summer climate, the technical personnel of the peony planting base in Heze, China, combined with their own work, elaborated on several key problems of summer peony maintenance and management and their solutions.

First, to prevent lack of fertilizer, after half a month, to apply a phosphorus fertilizer-based compound fertilizer, but also can be appropriate to apply some fermentative manure after maturity. If the plant does not grow well after flowering, it can also be fertilized with 0.2% Monopotassium phosphate solution on the foliage to make it flourish.

2, timely watering, usually seven or eight days to water once, watering in the early morning or evening. Both to keep the soil moist, but not too wet, not water.

3. To prevent disease strictly, tree peony leaf spot and gray mold are easy to happen under high temperature and humidity. Find the disease condition, identify the disease species in time, take corresponding measures.

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