The planting method of herbaceous peony is not difficult, the root of herbaceous peonyflower is bigger, we can directly plant its root when planting. herbaceous peony can be planted can also be potted, home breeding can be planted in the yard, or is planted in a pot, on the balcony or indoor maintenance, peony in early summer flowers, large and beautiful flowers. So, what are the planting methods and precautions of herbaceous peony? Now let’s have a look!

Planting methods and precautions of herbaceous peony


To choose sandy soil for planting Paeonia lactiflora, soil preparation before planting, deep turn the soil, turn about 30 cm depth. Sterilize the substrate thoroughly once, apply sufficient base fertilizer, then rake the soil fine and level.

2. Planting time

Paeonia lactiflora should be planted in autumn between August and September, when the temperature is more appropriate, the plant can germinate faster, and is beneficial to late growth. If the late September after the re-planting, will affect rooting, reduce the survival rate, there may be no resistance to the cold, resulting in plant death. But if it’s a warm area in the south, it’s OK to plant it in September or October.

3. Seedling selection

The healthy seedling of Paeonia lactiflora was selected, that is, the seedling with more branches and relatively complete root system. Before planting, the plants need to be soaked in a solution of carbendazim, then dipped into the rooting powder and cut off the leaves in poor condition, so that the seedlings can survive.

4. Planting methods

The distance between planting lines is 50 cm × 30 cm, the hole depth is 12 cm, the diameter is 20 cm. Before planting, spray water on the soil to ensure a certain amount of moisture, which helps the seedlings survive. Put the seedlings into the soil and cover them with a layer of wet soil. Pour in a small amount of water.

5. Maintenance Management

Just plantedherbaceous peony need dark maintenance, in the pot if the soil is too dry during the time, the need for timely water spray. Pour enough anti-freezing water before overwintering. The following year, after the early spring soil thawing, remove soil in time, and loose soil moisture. In the flowering period can be applied every 1-2 weeks once phosphate and potassium fertilizer solution, in order to provide adequate nutrients.

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