To want tree peony to blossom well in the coming year, the maintenance management in winter can not be ignored. The maintenance and management of the tree peony in winter include removing the withered leaves of the tree peony, pruning the branches of the tree peony, fertilizing the tree peony, pest control the tree peony and removing the overwintering weeds.

1. Remove leaves. Leaves dry in winter, often persistent on branches. Because there are many pathogens and insect eggs on the leaves, it should be cut off in time to avoid falling to the ground, the next year and then spread the disease and insect. Cut off dead leaves at the base of the petiole 1 to 1.5 cm to avoid damage to flower buds.

2.Trim. tree Peonies are dormant in winter, it is time to prune. The sprout shoots from the ground around the main branch and the overlapping branches, cross branches and disease and insect branches on the plant should be cut off on the premise of keeping the plant shape perfect. For the branches with flower buds, keep all the strong branches; for the branches with leaf buds but no flower buds, cut off only the weak branches and keep some of the thick branches.

3. fertilize. tree Peony is a plant that likes fertilizer. Even if more fertilizer is applied in winter dormancy period, it will not cause“Burning root” phenomenon. But for the sake of safety, fertilization should be applied semi-ripe cake fertilizer or human excrement and urine. Each 6 to 10-year-old peony can be 300 grams of cake fertilizer or 600 grams of human excrement and urine. Increase the amount of fertilizer applied to big tree peony. In the case of organic fertilizer-based, each tree peony can also be mixed with 30 to 50 grams of compound fertilizer

4. Pest control. The common diseases of peony are botrytis cinerea and brown spot. In winter, the whole plant could be controlled by spraying with Bomey 5 degree stone sulfur mixture or 800 times solution of topsin. The most serious pests of peony are scale scale and grub (scarab larvae) . The bamboo knife can be used to scrape and burn all the insects on the branches, and then smeared the branches with 3-5 degree stone sulfur mixture, which can kill most of the overwintering females and eggs. To control grub, the root of tree peony could be irrigated with omethoate or Dichlorvos 500-800 EC.

5. Weed the winter. Winter often found in the tree peony garden or potted peony pot growth of cold-resistant weeds, should be promptly removed, so as not to compete with peony for nutrients. Had better carry on one or two times to the peony cultivation ground thoroughly hoeing, like this not only cleared the weed, also may have the loose soil conservation moisture function, is advantageous to the peony safety overwintering.

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