The method to planted ROCKII Peony in land or pot are essentially the same, the key points are as follows:

for peony’s root is Intensive, if not careful when planting, the soil is not easily filled into the root of the heart of peony, leading inside of the root can not let the soil infill, the core part is still empty after the seedlings were planted.

Part of roots contact with air so that the root of peony will mildew while growing, mildew will gradually make root rot, poor growth after germination, slowly dying phenomenon appears.

Second, land planted or potted plants are not watered too much. The specific approach is: peony planting immediately after pouring a permeable. After watering interval can not be too short, as long as the soil is kept moist. If the water is too much, soil airtight seedling growth process leaves will yellow and dying.

Third, the fertilization. Fertilizer in the soil can not be too much, especially inorganic fertilizers, too much will hurt the root system, it is best to the seedling leaves Expand, fertilizer spray once every ten days page, but the concentration is not large.

Fourth, to trim. Pruning is an important part of the seedlings were planted seedlings were planted sure to Ruomiao the trimmed. Maintain a 3-5 strains robust branches, so that nutrition can be set to ensure that the main branches vigorous growth, a good start to spend.

Fifth, the light. Peony to hi lighting, nursery stock can not be placed in insufficient light for a long time. Only in the flowering buds fully formed, in order to meet the manual set the flowering period (extended flowering period) may be appropriate shade, generally no more than seven days.

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