1. Planting time

The transplanting and planting of Paeonia rockiana is based on its new root-taking season. There are two seasons in a year, namely Spring and autumn planting.

Spring planting time: March 1 to April 15(only 45 days)

Autumn planting time: August 1 to November 25(120 days)

2.The time of shipment of Paeonia rockii

Autumn is the time when peonies grow new roots and is the golden season for transplanting. Generally according to different regions, purple peony transplanting order is first north after the south, because the soil temperature after autumn in the north drops quickly, to rush to let the purple peony transplanting ground good new roots, for the next year’s growth is better.

3.The growth characteristics of Paeonia rockii

The peony sprouts and blossoms in spring, flower bud differentiation in summer, rooting growth in autumn and hibernating in winter to store nutrients. In order to grow a woody, the actual growth of only 2-3 inches a year, and so on and so on, year after year, although slowly, as the years change, but also grow into a large tree peony we see today.

4.The most important characteristics

The plant is tall

A large amount of flowers

Flowering effect shock

Strong aromas of drought and cold resistance

It is a unique beauty that belongs to the natural environment of Northwest China

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