tree Peony planting is the best time in autumn and spring, Peony lovers in the preparation of planting the following work, master some knowledge and skills to successfully planting, blooming beautiful

1. Prepare your local options

Peony growing environment, because it likes warm, cool and dry places, but also like the sun, can fight the cold, fight drought, so relatively simple, can be planted flowers, and in the florist planting time must choose more loose soil, had better be the drainage good place to carry on the planting.

2. Know when to plant

Planting peony around August-october as far as possible, can not be too early or too late. But the flower friends are located in different areas, planting time is slightly different. In the south, you can put it off a little bit, and in some of the colder areas, you have to do it ahead of time, and you have to keep warm after planting.

3. Know how to grow

The depth of planting is 30 cm deeper than the root of the original plant. At the bottom of the pit, put some decomposed organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer into the soil and stir them thoroughly to ensure that the new roots can absorb the fertilizer in time. When planting, root system should be evenly distributed in the pit, natural stretch, can not be curled together, fill with live soil will be buried root system first, and then, the seedlings gently shake up. First, the root system should be fully integrated with the soil. Second, the planting depth (the planting depth should be lower than the original root neck about 3 centimeters above the ground) should be determined. First step the first time, then fill the soil and then step the solid soil, when the plant is finished, should be timely watering a pervious, in order to discharge the air in the soil, to prevent the winter cold root injury.

4. Prepare the soil

Peony planting should not be too wet, easy to cause root damage, bad roots, it is best to plant in the high dry, well-drained, deep soil and loose neutral or slightly alkaline loam or sandy loam in order to root deep leaves Mao, flower big color fresh.

5. Knowledge of conservation

FERTILIZATION: apply fertilizer at least three times a year, the first time before flowering to promote flowering; the second time half a month after flowering to supplement the nutrients consumed by flowering; and the third time before wintering. The fertilizer is mainly cake fertilizer which is ripe. The suitable fertilizer amount is 0.5-1 kg per plant, and can also be mixed with chemical compound fertilizer.

2, watering: Peony more drought-resistant, but the dry season still need watering, in order to keep the soil moist is appropriate, after the rain to remove water in a timely manner.

3. Pest control: Common Tree Peony Disease Brown spot, the control method is, every year after flowering, every half a month spray Bordeaux liquid or tobrax immersion, carbendazim liquid. Cut off the diseased leaves in time before winter and burn them off. Spray lime-sulphur mixture before spring germination.

In summer and autumn, the white insects attach to the branches and leaf backs. They can be sprayed with 500 times 2-fluoroacetamide or 1000 times omethoate or painted with sulfur mixture after winter.

Underground pests are mainly white GRUBS, control methods: 50% phoxim EC 1000-1500 times liquid wash 20-30 cm depth of the root, to 0.25 kg per mu of land is appropriate.

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