The peony characteristic is that it sprouts and shoots in spring, sleeps in summer, takes root in autumn, and deeply sleeps in winter, so summer care is very important, so that it can take better roots in autumn and more beautiful flowers will spring out in the coming year.

1.Proper shading

Although the peony like the sun, but it can not be direct sunlight, summer when the sun is strong and reasonable shade, otherwise the plant leaves will become yellow. Potted it can be placed on the balcony of the east, if it is placed on the balcony of the south should also take shading measures.

2. Water it properly

Summer to the peony flower watering can be based on the situation 5-7 days once, to avoid noon, the best in the morning or evening watering. In the process of conservation of soil in a moist state, basin soil can not be too dry and can not produce water.

3.Scientific Fertilization

In the flower after half a month should be applied a compound fertilizer, mainly phosphate fertilizer, but also can be applied a fermentation of farm manure. Pay attention to not too much fertilizer, do not give it fertilizer, it is very unfavorable to its growth.

4.Prevention and control of diseases

Summer high temperature is also very muggy, when the most susceptible diseases, common diseases are brown spot, gray mold, anthracnose and so on. The plant should be sprayed as soon as possible after it is found to be damaged. In the process of maintenance, to properly open the window ventilation, do not let the plant in the growth of too muggy environment.

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