The tree peony and the herbaceous peony have already blossomed and have entered the dormant period, but many flower friends are always confused about the tree peony and the herbaceous peony. Many people mistake the herbaceous peony for the tree peony, below we will learn the differences between the two plants in several ways with the specification

Tree Peony and herbaceous peony flowering is very similar, just look at the flower is difficult to distinguish tree peony or herbaceous peony, but if we look at the leaves and branches that it is very easy to distinguish.

The difference between tree Peony and herbaceous Peony

1. Twigs are different

Tree Peony flowers are woody flowers, what is woody branches like branches, lignified, and herbaceous peony is herbaceous flowers, herbaceous flowers are not like wood branches of lignified branches.

So we can tell the difference by looking at the branches of tree peony and herbaceous peony.

As can be seen in the picture above, the branches of the tree peony are relatively hard and thick, woody. The branches of Paeonia Lactiflora Pall. This is relatively fine, there is no obvious trunk.

2, leaves different

in addition to branches can be identified, through the observation of leaves can also be identified tree peony and herbaceous peony.

As can be seen above, the tree peony leaves are like duck feet, with a split at the Front 1 / 3, while the herbaceous peony leaves are completely split like chicken feet.

This point is easy to distinguish, when you see the leaves long more like a duck’s paw, then it is tree peony, if the leaves long like chicken feet, it is herbaceous peony.

3. Winter is different

Tree Peony is a deciduous Shrub, and herbaceous peony is perennial flowers, so in the autumn and winter season, tree peony and herbaceous peony state is completely different.

After the fall and winter peony leaves, it is a bare pole, like the picture below.

In autumn and winter, the above ground part of the tree peony will wither, not see branches at all, sometimes near the surface of the soil will see red buds, these buds will grow in spring, flowering.

herbaceous peony
tree peony

4. Florescence is different

Tree Peony and herbaceous peony flowering period is also different, relatively speaking, tree peony flowering earlier, in March or April, and herbaceous peony flowering is much later, only in May or June.

herbaceous peony
tree peony
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