Peony is Ranunculaceae, Paeonia plants, for the perennial deciduous shrubs. Stem up to 2 m tall; branches short and thick. Leaves usually twice trifoliate, occasionally 3-foliolate near Apex; Terminal Leaflets broadly ovate, surface green, glabrous, abaxially Pale Green, sometimes white-pink, lateral leaflets narrowly ovate or oblong-ovate, Petiole 5-11 cm long, and Leaf axis are glabrous. Flowers Solitary; Bracts 5, Oblong; sepals 5, Green, broadly ovate, petals 5 or double, rose, red-purple, pink-white, usually highly variable, obovate, apex irregularly undulate; anthers Oblong, 4 mm long; Disk leathery, cup-shaped, purple-red; carpels 5, sparse more, densely pilose. Something something oblong, densely covered with Yellowish Brown bristles. Flowering May; fruiting June.

Beautiful flowers, , romantic chic, magnificent, known as the “King of flowers” reputation. In the cultivated type, mainly according to the flower color, peony varieties can be divided into hundreds of varieties, color is also many, to yellow, green, red, deep red, silver red as the top grade, especially yellow, green for your.

The peony flower is big and colourful, the variety is various. Some varieties of flowers, sepals, stamens, pistil development normal, such as “lotus-like” , “Feng Danbai” and so on, but some varieties of male, pistil petalization or degeneration, the formation of a beautiful shape of flowers, colorful flowers. According to the number of petal layers, flowers are traditionally divided into: single-petal layer class, double-petal layer class, thousand-petal layer class. In these three categories, and depending on the characteristics of flowers are divided into: sunflower-type, lotus-type, rose-type, hemisphere-type, crown-type, hydrangea-type traditionally crown-type and hydrangea-type referred to as the building six flower types.

This classification method can directly reflect the variety of flower morphology. After years of on-the-spot observation and anatomical observation of the peony flowers, the experts and scholars concerned, together with the scientific researchers in the peony producing area, combined with the traditional classification method, have found out the evolution law of the flower type and the flower composition, the new flower types are divided into single petal type, Lotus type, chrysanthemum type, rose type, melaleuca type, Tuogui type, gold ring type, crown type, hydrangea type and balcony type.

Management of peony flowers in summer: watering good spring water

In order to avoid premature germination of peony, the harm of late frost and spring cold, it is suggested to water early spring, Delay Germination, and improve flowering quality.

Management of peony flowers in summer: reasonable pruning

When pruning peonies, all the new soil buds should be cut clean, and the new and corrected crown branches can be kept. Why do so, because the soil bud will consume a lot of nutrients, seriously affect the quality of flowers and flower bud differentiation.

Management of peony flowers in summer: Fertilization after flowering

Peony General to apply three times a year, respectively into the autumn after the Basal Fertilizer, in early spring before flowering, as well as after the mid-spring fertilizer. Peony after flowering, before the fertilizer has been used up, then add a phosphate-based compound fertilizer, will ensure peony growth more luxuriant.

Summer Management of Peony Flowers: Shading at flowering stage

Many people will say, peony is not like the light of it? Why do we need shade? Shading can effectively prevent the peony from exposure to the sun, you know many people raise the peony short flowering period, this is it, so remember to do a good job shading, can more effectively keep flowers fresh

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