Peony flowers are usually in full bloom between April and May. mid-april is a good time to appreciate the peony flowers. Large peony flowers are blooming among the flowers, making people feel that a year’s hard work is well worth it

However, don’t forget to top the fertilizer after the peony blooms, because the peony blooms consume a lot of nutrients from the plant, and after flowering is also an important time for flower bud differentiation. If the lack of fertilizer affects flower bud differentiation, then the next year will be worse peony growth, flowering condition is not ideal. On the contrary, if the peony flower after flowering topdressing appropriate words, the next year peony flower will open more and more colorful. So, how does peony chase fertilizer after flowering? There are three main points.

How does Peony Chase Fertilizer after flowering? Remember this “3 points” , the next year more peony bloom more gorgeous

(1) dressing time

Peony Flower topdressing time is generally 2 weeks after flowering, after the beginning of summer this time period is the best topdressing time, after the temperature rise, fertilization easy to burn roots, to reduce fertilization, until autumn and then increase the frequency of fertilization.

(2) types of top dressing

After flowering, nitrogen-rich flower fertilizer is the main type of topdressing, organic fertilizer such as cake fertilizer or soybean fertilizer is the best flower fertilizer, but must fully mature and then apply, otherwise high temperature will easily lead to burning roots. In addition, agricultural compound fertilizer, green slow-release fertilizer, Meileke and other special fertilizer for flowers can also be. Ground peony flower fertilizer can be 10 cm away from the root spread evenly, potted best dilute irrigation root water.

(3) amount of top dressing

Peony flowering, topdressing amount must be appropriate, too little can not meet the growth needs, too much will lead to burning roots. Generally speaking, the flowering peony plants have been relatively large, application of agricultural compound fertilizer about 20 grams, if it is a dwarf type of potted tree peony varieties, flowering plants are not large, then the amount can be reduced, a pinch of compound fertilizer will suffice for peony plants like the one below.

Potted Peony follow the principle of thin fertilizer application is the most secure, 7 days a diluted with water, water and fertilizer together to add, safe and convenient. Ground Peony can be applied some human urine excrement, cow and sheep excrement, soybean fertilizer, the time of application is some distance from the peony plant root, dig a pit to bury all can, flower fertilizer diluent can be a ladle. In general, it is better to use chemical fertilizers after anthesis and before autumn, and it is better to use organic fertilizers after autumn.

Peony flowering in addition to topdressing, but also pay attention to the prevention and control of pests

Peony flowering, the temperature gradually increased, is a high incidence of various diseases and insect pests, in addition to topdressing, but also pay attention to the prevention and control of diseases and insect pests. The best way to prevent diseases and insect pests is to put potted peony in a semi-shade ventilation place, to plant tree peony network shade, after the occurrence of disease to timely play medicine, General 7 days a pesticide and fungicide mixture, spray 2-3 times. Disease Prevention is mainly based on prevention, strengthen ventilation, appropriate watering and fertilization is necessary

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