If it is caused by insect pests, it needs to be extirpated in time. If it is caused by a low temperature attack, it needs to be heated properly. If it is caused by late Ramets, you need to plant at the right time.

. Not Trimmed

1. The reason: Everyone knows that if you want peonies to bloom, you have to cut off excess branches and leaves, but improper pruning can cause the plants to fail to bloom.

2. Solution: Properly remove excess leaves and branches, lest these branches and leaves too absorb nutrients, resulting in uneven growth, but can not cut too much, cut too much will affect the health of the plant, just a little trim will do.

Insect infestation

1. Reason: If the plant is damaged by pests, it will not bloom.

2. Solution: it’s time to figure out if the plant is infested or if the foliage is infested. If it’s a soil pest, it needs to be replaced. If the plant branches and leaves have pests, you need to use pesticides to plant branches and leaves de-insect.

Raise the temperature

1. Reason: if the spring just arrived, the plant moved to the outdoor, the plant is easy to be hit by the cold spring, can not flower.

2. Solution: Wait until Spring and summer to socialize before moving the plants outside.

Divide plants in good time

1. Reason: A plant needs to be divided at a certain point, and if it doesn’t, it won’t flower later.

2. The Solution: to plant before the spring, you can avoid the spring plants grow too strong, resulting in insufficient nutrition caused by the problem of flowering.

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