PAEONIA ROCKII goes through three stages: Young Age, adult year and old age from seed Germination.

Paeonia rockii seedlings and asexual propagation seedlings, from the beginning of flowering to flowering gradually reduced period, known as the adult, generally can maintain about a hundred years.

In the 7th ~ 10th year, the vegetative growth and reproductive growth of Paeonia Rockii were vigorous, the shoot growth could reach 60 cm. The color and shape of flowers were stable, and excellent individual plants could be selected from them. An asexual seedling, such as a graft, that has no juvenile stage and enters adulthood directly. In this period, for the varieties and individuals with too many budding branches, it is necessary to carry out pruning to determine the plant type. The 11th ~ 100th year is the best ornamental time for tree propagation.

Therefore, the life cycle of Paeonia Rockii is very long, up to more than 100 years.

Plant a tree of Paeonia rockii seedlings, do a good job of conservation, have the opportunity to grow more than 100 years, the height can be up to 3 meters.

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