1. Peony must be moved indoors after the beginning of winter. It is better to keep the room temperature at 0 degrees. Put the peony in a sunny place to ensure the peony can be exposed to the sun. Move Out of the house around March next year and place in a sunny leeward area, fertilize and water management.

2. If the tree peony plants are more and more dense, the potted tree peony can also be buried in the soil. The exposed branches should be protected by grass thatch to keep the tree peony warm and safe for the winter The coming of the next spring can be removed grass thatch, the peony into the sunny place, a few more times of fertilizing.

3. The flowers and seedlings will lose their leaves in autumn and winter, when you have to cut off the remaining branches, the dense branches and the branches with diseases and insect pests. This will not only ensure ventilation and light transmission between the plants It also concentrates the nutrients in the pot onto the remaining plants.

The management of Peony in winter is mainly the control of temperature. The indoor temperature can not be too high, which will affect the normal development of peony, nor can the temperature be too low. Whether the peony will blossom in the coming year will have a great influence Winter peonies do not need to be watered much during the dormant period.

After the peony enters the winter dormancy period, the nutrients begin to return to the roots. It is better to irrigate once before the soil freezes, that is, in winter. Watering the frozen water well can promote the decomposition of the Basal Fertilizer, and is beneficial to the new root occurrence and the flower bud differentiation in winter and spring.

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