Paeonia suffruticosa are native to China. Since the Sui Dynasty in China, people have grown peonies in their courtyards. After thousands of years of development, many famous varieties have been formed. Peonies represent wealth, health, harmony and wealth in the hearts of the Chinese People The peony has also become China’s national flower

Paeonia rockii

Paeonia rockii, also known as Gansu Peonies(GanSumǔdān), are native to the Northwest China province of Gansu and are known as the “national beauty and the fragrance of heaven” peonies, enjoying a high reputation in the world. Gansu Paeonia Rockii, named for the large Purple Patches and Purple Erythema at the base of its petals, is native to the remnant forests in the Alpine region of Gansu Province, where a small number of surviving plants still grow at altitudes of 1100-3200 meters. The lowest winter temperatures in these areas are generally-30 °C and in some areas-38 °C, so the species is naturally resistant to cold. The advantages of Paeonia Rockii can be summarized as follows:

1.Cold Resistance: Paeonia Rockii is very cold-resistant and can stand-43 °C low temperature. It is suitable for planting in north China such as Ningxia, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Shaanxi, Tibet, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia and Jilin.
2.Drought Resistance: In arid areas of Gansu Province, where the annual rainfall is only 280 mm, it can grow. Water 2-3 times a year, the growth and flowering effect is good. Annual rainfall of 400 mm or more can grow naturally without artificial irrigation, and annual rainfall of 600 mm or more tree peony seedlings grow very well.
3.Saline-Alkali Resistance: The adaptation range of soil is larger, from partial acid to partial Alkali (Ph 5.5-8.2) sandy soil to clay can also grow well. It can be grown on hillsides, ditches, terraces, or in sandy places.
Plant Height: It is a tree concept, the diameter of the ground can reach 8 cm-20 cm, plant height can reach 2 m-4 M, 4.Crown Width 3 ~ 4 m, Central Plain peony can not reach this height.
5.Rich in fragrance: the fragrance of a single flower of peonies is equal to the fragrance of ten flowers of Central Plain peonies
6.The plant aging speed is slow: the plant aging speed of Paeonia Rockii is slow, can grow into a century, Millennium Tree Peony.

Different from other peonies, Paeonia Rockii has thick petals, strong fragrance, tall plants, strong growth, cold resistance, less pests, long life, high medicinal value and wide adaptability. Paeonia Rockii can be used in the construction of Peony Garden, Villa landscaping, landscape, agricultural ecological park 

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