Summer is the key period of nutrient accumulation and flower bud differentiation of Peony Growth and development, and is also the period of frequent damage of diseases, insects, weeds, drought and flood. Therefore, strengthening the scientific management of Peony in summer is beneficial to the healthy growth and good development of peony.

1. Pests and diseases of peony

Diseases and insect pests control summer high temperature and high humidity, diseases and insect damage is more serious, mainly leaf diseases and food pests. In order to prevent and control diseases and insect pests, the principle of combining prevention with control should be adhered to, so as to ensure that the leaves have a long period of photosynthetic function and improve the physiological activity of root system. The measures are as follows:

Fungicide spray

July-august, the choice of thiophanate, Carbendazim, chlorothalonil, Triadimefon and other fungicides spray 3-4 times, generally 7-10 days a spray.

Pest control

Can Be combined with spraying fungicides, in the liquid pesticides such as pyrethroid insecticides, Omethoate, and so on, to prevent and control eating pests.

2. Drainage of peonies

The precipitation of Irrigation and drainage is large and relatively concentrated in summer, so drainage is one of the important measures for the peony pipe. Specific measures for drainage are as follows:

Do a good job in preparation for waterlogging prevention

Before entering the rainy season, the field drainage ditch should be repaired in time. In low-lying areas, a flood cofferdam should be placed around the peony garden to prevent the inflow of external ground during heavy rain. Large planting areas should be equipped with drainage pumps for emergency use.

Timely drainage

If the storm water, immediately after the organization of force, rapid drainage. It can also accelerate the water loss of plough layer by deep tillage or increasing the times of tillage.

It can eliminate the underground lamination and effectively eliminate the soil gravity water

Some peony ornamental garden as a result of mechanical extrusion in the process of capital construction, forming a solid layer of underground slab. Plowing layer water can make peony rotten roots, often lead to peony “autumn hair” , the heavy ones lead to large areas of peony withered. The utility model can dig deeper drainage ditches in the fields or drill holes between the rows to facilitate drainage. Poor drainage is one of the important reasons for peony “degeneration” in rainy areas.

3. Peony weeding

Summer is the peak season for weeds. Weeds not only compete with tree peony for water and fertilizer, but also the shortage of grass makes the field overfull, the ability of ventilation and light transmission is reduced, leading to the increase of pests and diseases, the weakening of photosynthesis, and the reduction of yield Recently, many base peony pods appear shriveled, moldy, black situation, must be timely weeding, drainage. Weeding should be done 5-6 times in summer.

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