There are different kinds of flowers all the year round, and peonies bloom in April. So why is September the best time to plant or sow? Let’s find out today.

Peony germinates very early in spring, budding in February, leaves in March, flowers in April, and flower bud differentiation from May to September. AFTER MID-SEPTEMBER, although the growth tends to stop and gradually into dormancy, but its roots did not stop growing completely. At this time planting peony easy to produce new roots, the second year of growth, flowering normal.

Late planting, root wounds difficult to heal, early germination in the next year, but there will be upper growth, and the lower part of the raw or only a few new root phenomenon, can not provide a lot of water and nutrients for flowering, and so weak growth, or even wilting death. Some peonies planted by flower friends do not blossom for many years. The main reason is that the planting time is too late. Planting too early (before late September) is not appropriate either. Because when planting leaves have been removed, and then high temperature, this will cause “autumn hair” , affect the normal growth of the next year, flowering. Spring planting is not desirable, the folk early “spring planting peony, to the old does not bloom” .

Peony most bogey high temperature and wet, so the proposal to choose high altitude, pollution-free mountain as a cultivation base, should choose the north-south trend.

On the one hand, it can lower the temperature by 3 °C to 5 °C, which can meet the demand of peony flowering in winter

The second use of mountainous terrain is conducive to drainage and waterlogging prevention;

Third, the shading of natural trees in mountain areas can reduce the adverse effects of high-intensity sunlight on the growth of peony in summer and create a semi-shady environment with leeward wind.

This shows that, in order to watch the beautiful peony, this behind to pay so much hard work, in addition to peony fertilization, pest control is also peony planting can not be ignored.


1. Site preparation. Peony cultivation, we must choose high dry terrain, good drainage, ventilation sun block, loose soil, deep layer of Sandy Loam as well, soil neutral, try to avoid re-cropping. Before planting, 200-250 kg of cake fertilizer and 3000 kg of farm manure per mu were applied, and 3-5 kg of phoxim and 5-10 kg of Carbendazim were applied at the same time.

2. Planting. As the saying goes: “The eighth lunar month is the birthday of the Peony” , “seven Peony, eight peony. Autumn is the best season for planting peony in Luoyang. It is not suitable to be transplanted in spring, summer and winter. Practice has proved that the appropriate September 15-november 15 planting, no planting peony after the snow, including October 1-october 30 planting is most conducive to rooting and survival, too early easy “autumn hair” , too late in the year less rooting, the next growth is not exuberant. Peony production area according to 60 ~ 50 cm plant spacing, about 2000 plants per mu.

Planting requirements. Placement, 50,50,60 centimeters. When planting, the bottom of the hole pad “cooked” garden soil, can first make the central uplift 10 cm mound, so that the peony root seat in the mound, fill half or 2 / 3 gently lift the peony and shake, planting requirements to keep the peony root system uncurled evenly, peony root system and soil close contact, do not damage peony scale bud and “soil bud” , root neck slightly below or basic and ground level, and then fill with the ground level, gently compaction. After watering thoroughly, loosen the soil or seal the soil into a mound shape, in order to facilitate the winter.

3. Water drainage. Usually Water 6-8 times a year. In February, March, April, 1 water, promote growth and flowering; may-october according to weather conditions watering; before the ground freezing, 1 frozen water, improve the cold and frost resistance of Peony. The rainy season should pay attention to drainage waterlogging, prevent root rot and death.

4. Top dressing. Peony like fertilizer, in addition to foot fertilizer, fertilizer topdressing 2-3 times a year.

In spring, 15-20 kg of urea or compound fertilizer per mu can promote the growth of new branches and buds.

“fertilizer after flowering” in may-june, 10-15kg of urea or compound fertilizer per mu, supplement nutrition, promote flower bud differentiation.

Application of 2000-3000kg farm manure in December combined with winter management.

5. Loosen the soil and weed it. Generally combined with fertilization and watering, keep the soil loose and breathable, no weeds, no knot, play the role of drought and waterlogging, fertilizer and moisture preservation and control of diseases and pests.

6. Trim and trim. Methods of pruning in Production Area: Before Germination, the uncoordinated branches were cut short or retracted to keep the shape of tree in order; after Germination, the dense branches, lateral buds and soil buds were removed in time to keep strong and weak, and to keep ventilation and light;

From the middle of March to the early of May, the flower buds and the remnant flowers of some peony flowers are picked to reduce nutrient consumption, and the weak branches, diseased branches, dead branches and leaves are cut off at the end of autumn to clear the garden in time to reduce the occurrence of diseases and insect pests. Pruning methods of ornamental peony: Before Germination, some old branches were cut short or “retracted” to rejuvenate;

From mid-march to early April, the weak and abnormal buds were removed

In May, cut off flowers in time; at the End of autumn, cut off weak branches, diseased branches, dead branches, residual leaves, clear the garden and focus on burning

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